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Crib Southampton is a new upcoming bar and venue, located in the heart of the city centre. Having only opened around 6 months ago, they have been using a Yo Telecom telephone and Wi-Fi system since their opening. We sat down with Cribs co-founder and owner, Jack Purdie, before opening hours, to see how he was getting on and his thoughts on the Yo experience. You can check out the full video here, or check out the interview breakdown below. 

Interview Transcript:

So Jack, tell us a bit about yourself and your business… 

So, my name’s Jack, and I’m one of the co-founders here at Crib Southampton. We are one of Southampton’s only Shuffleboard focused venues. We go on the competitive socialising angle here, so we’re kind of identifying a bit of a need for nightlife activities where people just don’t want to go out and get drunk so much anymore. We’ve been running for about 6 months now and, yeah, we are just sort of going from strength to strength, really.

Why did you choose Yo Telecom over other available providers?

The bit about Yo Telecom that really stood out for us was the way that they positioned themselves within the marketplace. Telecoms, historically, is not the most glamorous of industries. So, seeing a brand that’s really putting themselves out there, it’s quite clear that the company ethos, the way that they treat their staff, and the way that they treat the product; it was really refreshing to see.

From all the features that a Yo Telephone system provides, which have you benefited from the most?

So, out of all the features and benefits that Yo can provide us, one of the biggest stand-out ones was the VOIP system and the way that we can quickly and easily use our voicemail services, and our callback feature, making sure we never miss a call. Because ultimately, if we miss a call, then that could potentially be a missed customer, or a missed private booking, which can potentially be quite a lot of missed revenue. So, with those additional features, which were included in the Yo package, we can be sure that actually we’re not missing out on anything. It comes back to delivering a stellar service for our customers and making sure that every touch-point is looked after.

How has your new telephone system helped your staff with their day-to-day work at Crib?

It’s really helpful that here at Crib, we’ve actually got a wireless phone system which allows us to be portable. It allows us to take calls wherever, and staff can just carry it with them.

How did your installation process go? 

The installation process from start to finish was absolutely seamless. We had quite a troubling situation here because the internet in these buildings is notoriously terrible, using old copper lines. It’s really slow. Every building along this line is saying the internet is absolutely atrocious. We obviously wanted to have the best experience for our customers when we came in here, so we approached Yo and said: okay, well, these are our challenges, we know we’ve got terrible internet, how can we circumvent this? Yo were very helpful from start to finish, saying: you can use this/these different solutions exist. So, for instance, we’ve got a 4G dongle which adds to the bandwidth and capability of our existing copper lines. Meaning, actually, we’ve got one of the best connections on this block of units now.

In addition to that, the installer who did the installation on the day was very helpful. We had a few special requests, such as we wanted a hard line to run to the AV cupboard, which, you know, he didn’t have to do, but ultimately it really helped us out and allowed us to, again, make sure our connection for everything telecom, every connected device, had a rock solid signal. Which ultimately, when you’re relying on that, for not only the customer experience, but for your point of sale, and for payments, it’s been an absolute no-brainer that installation is an integral part. I’m very glad to say that installation was smooth and simple and has been rock solid ever since.

Finally, would you recommend Yo Telecom and, if yes, why?

I’d absolutely recommend Yo Telecom, specifically for businesses within the hospitality sector. It’s really important to not only have a really rock solid telephone system but also, most importantly, a rock solid Wi-Fi system, and internet connection. Strong Wi-Fi increases dwell time, it increases the amount of time customers are going to be spending, buying drinks, buying products, and enjoying the venue. And that in itself is an incredibly valuable asset because customers are coming in, they’re enjoying themselves and getting what they need. It’s amazing actually the net returns you can get from something so simple, such as a strong internet connection.

If you’re interested in getting set up with a Yo Telephone system and/or Wi-Fi system, or just want to find out more about what we can do for you and your business, then get in touch today!  

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You can also find more of our customer testimonials and hear how we’ve helped other businesses over on our YoTelecom YouTube Channel.

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