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Business phone systems are a vital tool to how your business communicates with its customers. Our state-of-the-art phone systems combine robust hardware with a range of innovative features.

Hybrid Phones

Bring together the benefits of both a classic digital phone and VOIP system with one of our Hybrid Telephone systems. Meaning if one line goes down, it can automatically route your calls to the other. 

The system will be located on your premises and offers the flexibility of both cordless and fixed handsets. Truly the best of both worlds! 

Hosted Phones

A VOIP system (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a virtual phone system which, unlike a digital or hybrid system, will not be located on your premise – instead located in the cloud. 


On top of that, as part of a Yo telephone system, we also install a 4G backup, making a reliable system even more stable. This should provide peace of mind for those rare occasions when connectivity drops.

Cordless Phones

Make and receive calls from anywhere in your premises, no matter the size of your building or the thickness of your walls. We’ll ensure that you have a strong and sturdy connection, all day everyday. 


Our Cordless Phone systems maintain a strong and reliable connection in every corner of your premises, so you can stop worrying about calls dropping when your on the move.

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So, Why Yo Telecom?

What we may lack in scale, we make up for in strong bonds with our customers. We’re passionate about being more than just a telecoms provider. That’s why everything we do is to increase the success of the people we work with.


From modernised systems, packed with game-changing features designed to maximise efficiency, all the way to our Customer Support and Training, we want you to operate with as much ease as we can provide. You concentrate on your business, we’ll handle the communications. 

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Ready to get started?

You won’t find us on any comparison websites or reseller channels. This is because we only work directly with our customers. This way we can find out exactly what your business needs and set up a package just for you – so you’re not paying for anything you don’t need!

Complete this quick form and one of our team will be in touch promptly to talk about how we can help increase your businsess sucess. 

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