Strategies for a Productive First Contact with your Clients

Take time to focus on the First Contact with Clients, so you can adjust the customer experience (CX) strategy to provide the best service. Regular clients are easy and enjoyable to work with. They are familiar with your company, have a good knowledge of your products and services, and are willing to forgive agents minor […]

Telecoms, Customer Service & Retention In The Digital Age

In today’s fast-paced business world, having a reliable and effective telecoms system is essential for businesses of all sizes. Business telecoms refer to the range of communication technologies and services that enable businesses to communicate with their customers, suppliers, and employees. Customer service and customer retention are vital for any business, and a great telecoms […]

5 Ways To Improve Caller Experience At Your Medical Practice

Medical practices handle hundreds of inbound calls each and every day. According to the NHS’ 2021 GP Patient Survey, around two in three patients (67.6%) said it was easy to get through to their GP practice on the phone. With medical practices often having thousands of patients, that’s a lot of patients struggling to get […]

What Is The Best Phone System For Hybrid Working?

With the government encouraging people to gradually go back to the office over the coming weeks, it’s likely that hybrid working will rise in popularity. Whilst it has many benefits, it can cause logistical issues, particularly for businesses that aren’t utilising the latest technology. With employees working from various locations, as well as from the […]

3 Reasons You Should use Your Phone System as an Intercom

If you’re looking for a new phone system for your business, you may also be looking into getting an intercom system too. It’s bad enough trying to find a provider for one thing so why add another element into the mix. You can save valuable time (and money) by using your phone system as an […]

What is the Best Phone System With Call Transfer?

Communicating within a business can be tricky. Especially when you have lots of staff and different departments. Not only can it be hard for your clients and prospective clients to get through to you, but it can be hard for your staff to communicate with each other. With the technology available to businesses these days, […]

What is the Best Phone System for Travel Agents?

So you’re looking for a new phone system for your travel agency? Maybe because you’re facing one of these problems with your current phone system: You feel that frequent engaged tones may be leading to frustrated clients and a loss of revenue. You’d like a phone system that links to your booking software, such as […]

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