6 Benefits Of A VoIP Phone System In 2022

6 benefits of a VOIP Phone system
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If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’re looking into getting a VoIP phone system for your business. But first, you might be wondering; What is a VoIP system? Well, for those wondering, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Essentially, A VoIP phone system operates via modern internet phone lines – instead of dated Analogue or Digital lines. The actual system itself is located digitally in the cloud, rather than having a physical box on your premises. VoIP systems offer a wide range of features and can also often end up being a cheaper option for small to medium size businesses, looking for a great communication system. But, what exactly are the benefits that a VoIP system can bring? Well let’s take a look…

What Are The Benefits Of A VoIP Phone System?

An Extensive Range Of Features :

Despite requiring less hardware than a hybrid phone system, VoIP systems come with a host of advanced communication features. To name just a few, there are things like; Call Recording, On Hold Marketing, Call Queuing and Missed Call Tracking. These features are super simple in practice but go a long way in improving a business’ efficiency and customer experience. If you want to know more about Yo telephone system features, you can check out our short-video series, where we outline exactly what they can do for your business. 

VoIP telephone systems can also be integrated with other services that are online, like conferencing or team collaboration tools. One of the biggest integrations that is requested from Yo is a CRM integration. Having the ability for a patient or customer file to open directly onto the computer, with those details to hand immediately, allows you to greet the caller in a speedy and professional manner. This can make a huge difference in staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Ease of Configuration, Installation and Maintenance.

A major benefit of a VoIP system is that the IP phones (Hardware) are very easy to install. So much so that even the least tech savvy person in the office could install them. That’s because the IP phones are all configured online, offsite, so when they do arrive at the office, it’s as simple as plug and play. No need for an engineer to be on site running cables through the office – unless you’ve got internet ports!  

Hosted VoIP is also very easily configured and scalable via a portal, with very little need for professional support.


It’s A More Affordable Option :

VoIP systems are great for any business working with a slightly tighter budget. Why? It has nothing to do with quality at all. Instead, it’s because the cost of calls made are considerably lower. In fact, all calls made to UK landlines, mobiles, and +03 numbers are free! This is because the system itself is located in the cloud, running from your internet connection. 

With a VoIP system there’s also far less hardware involved to be paid for upfront. All these elements help with keeping pricing of equipment, installation, and maintenance low.


They Are Future Proof :

With time, technology updates, advances, and expires. As we’ve spoken about in our blog ‘The BT Switch Off’ the analogue (copper lines) and digital lines become less used and ultimatley replaced. Having a VoIP system means you’ll always be one step ahead by having the latest technology running your telephone system. The benefit to you as a business owner is that hardware won’t become outdated or need to be replaced for a number of years.


Keeping Your Numbers :

Whenever you buy a new VoIP system with Yo Telecom, to make the switch as pain-free as possible, you can keep the same number for your business. This means you don’t need to reprint marketing materials, inform all of your customers, or update your website. It’s your old number, just on a next-level telephone system.


Highly Reliable :

One of the most common and inaccurate myths of a VoIP system is that they are unreliable. People often say that if you find yourself without an internet connection, for whatever reason, you will also be without a phone as well. Not true. In fact, one of the benefits not mentioned in the range of features above is the ability to, in the event of losing network connectivity, forward all calls to a mobile phone or another device. On top of that, as part of a Yo telephone system, we can install a 4G backup to your router, making a reliable system even more stable. This should provide peace of mind for those rare occasions when connectivity drops.



So there we have it, a rundown of benefits that a VoIP Phone System can bring. From being a more affordable option for smaller businesses to being future proof, a VoIP System is a great choice for any business. 

Here at Yo, we’re all about Improving Business Success through telecoms, technology and other means. So, if you are interested in updating your telephone system and/or WiFi, then Yo Telecom can help. Enter your details in the contact form below to find out exactly how we can help your business TODAY!

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