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We have helped over 400 care homes improve their success through installing new phone and WiFi systems in their buildings!

We could tell you how great our phone and WiFi systems for care homes are but, here at Yo Telecom, one of our core values is to be honest and humble – so we thought we would let our customers do the talking.

After receiving a call from Christine Hanwell, manager of Hampton Care, saying how good our products and services are we decided to pop down to meet her to hear more about how Yo Telecom have helped improve the success of her care home.

Let’s see what she had to say!

What Made You Reach Out to Yo Telecom?

“Like many businesses we are growing and our dependence on telecoms and new technology grows faster than we do. We were having problems in the home with our telephone system and also our internet.

Our old set up was a traditional telephone system in reception, where the receptionist had to be there. We were looking for a way for people to be connected directly to where they wanted to be.

We also had problems with internet. A lot of the activities we do now are recorded electronically and that traffic was too heavy for what was really a glorified domestic system.

So we needed something that was relatively cost effective but fit for purpose.”

If You Compare the Old Cordless Phone Coverage – What Was That Like?

“Horrendous – can you imagine going halfway down the unit and you’re talking to a relative or consultant and the phone goes dead?

Not only is it dangerous but it’s embarrassing. We had 50ft coverage from a base unit – we couldn’t go outside, we couldn’t guide ambulances in – there were loads of limitations.”

How is the Cordless Now Yo Telecom Has Installed the New Phone System?

“Amazing! Now my staff can carry a cordless phone and know with confidence that no matter where they are they can take a call.

They can be in a residents room and they can continue the conversation without fear of the signal dropping off.”

Now All Your Calls Will be Recorded – How Will This Help?

“Again, for safety and confidence. Not only did we have to write it down but we had to pass the phone on and get somebody else to hear exactly the same message, which was time consuming.

With the call recording system we now have, I know I can advise the nurses we can play the message back and hear the instructions.”

How was the Installation Process?

“From the initial contact to the whole installation – it was less than two weeks.

It was very smooth and very professional. The Yo Telecom representative came out and talked us through it. It’s very cost effective so we decided to roll with it. Within 48 hours the engineers were here.

The engineers were amazing. They were professional, they were understanding and they were respectful to the fact that people live here. The whole system was effortless.”

What Advice Would You Give to Other Care Homes Thinking About Getting a Yo Telecom Phone and WiFi System?

“I wish we’d found you two years ago – it would have certainly saved a lot of issues.

The most positive experience for us out of all of this is that we as an organisation will be able to grow. Now I know with confidence we can move on and build up…

On the experience I’ve had I would wholeheartedly recommend Yo Telecom as a company and as a solution to the many issues that managers have within care homes.”

If your care home is suffering any of the problems that Hampton Care were facing before they switched to a Yo Telecom phone and WiFi system, I recommend that you get in contact with us on 02382 146115 or email us at [email protected] to see how we can help you improve the success of your care home.

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