3 Reasons why you Need a Business WiFi System

Business Wifi System
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WiFi is no longer a helpful addition to your business, it’s now a necessity needed to achieve your goals. A strong and reliable internet connection will be a key investment in keeping your customers happy and your employees productive. Businesses who offer WiFi to their customers often benefit from increased levels of sales and customer satisfaction.

However, many times we have seen businesses operating with a standard WiFi set up you would normally see in your home. This can cause big problems, such as:

  • Poor connection
  • Cutouts
  • Unable to support a large number of devices

Business Broadband – What’s the Difference?

Surely WiFi is just WiFi, you may be thinking, but there’s actually a massive difference between the type of WiFi you have in your home and the kind of WiFi you need for your business. For starters, a standard internet connection will not be strong enough to support the day to day activities of your business. This is because the demand in a home is not as great as the demand in a business and the number of devices it can support will be significantly lower than the amount you need.

The further away you are from your router, the weaker your WiFi signal will be. Meaning if you go upstairs, or in the opposite direction to where your router is, it’s likely you’ll experience poor connection. Business-grade WiFi systems, like the ones we provide at Yo Telecom, use access points to ensure that your ENTIRE building is covered. These access points create a network of hidden data cables from where your main router is to strategically located points throughout your building. They then send and receive WiFi signals. Because they are physically hard-wired into your main router, they send out clean data that can reach even the furthest point of your building!

3 Reasons why you Need a Business WiFi System

Having WiFi that covers your whole building is essential in business, not just for your staff but for your customers too, and it can benefit you in so many ways. Here are just 3 of the benefits your business will experience:

1. Increase the Productivity of Your Staff

Having a good internet connection will allow your staff to get on with their work without any disruptions on the line. Your employees need WiFi more than ever with so much of their work being done online. Things like emails, video conferences, social media etc are all part of the day to day working life. So having a strong WiFi connection will make their life so much easier.

With a Yo Telecom business WiFi system, you can also prioritise your WiFi traffic, so your staff and your customers don’t have to compete for signal. So, if your office team are trying to access a document, but you also have customers online checking their social media accounts, your system will send your staff the information they need first – without your speeds being compromised. You can also have separate networks for your staff and your customers to ensure all your confidential information stays that way.

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers these days don’t just want WiFi, they need it and if you can offer this to them for free, you’re on to a winner. Not only will it make them happy but will also give you a competitive edge against your competitors that do not provide this service. Customers will always favour places that offer free WiFi over those that don’t. Businesses that can offer high-speed internet often experience higher levels of sales and customer satisfaction. In short, free WiFi means happy customers which means a happy and profitable business.

3. Tailor Your Marketing Campaigns

Providing free WiFi to your customers gives you a great opportunity to learn a bit more about them. When logging in to your WiFi, your customers will give you information such as their name, age, birthday, gender, email address etc. This information will help you to better understand the demographics of your audience. You can also find out other useful information such as their average dwell time and how much internet they used. Knowing all these things will help you with your marketing, as you know who you’re targeting you can tailor your campaigns to suit this audience – and we’ll even help you run your email marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the ways introducing a business-grade WiFi system can help you to increase your success! A strong WiFi connection is key to the smooth running of your business and a crucial part of customer happiness. If you want to find out more about how our business WiFi systems can help you, give us a call on 02382 146115.

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