Yo telecom co founder

Ryan O'Carroll

5th June 1993 – 12th August 2018

Where it all began...

After being passionate childhood best friends who dreamt big, it was a natural fit for Ryan O’Carroll and Nathan Hanslip to start a business of their own, and together they founded Yo Telecom. Sadly, after only 5 short years into their epic journey, Ryan tragically lost his life in an accident.


Ryan had vision, ambition, and spirit in abundance that can still be felt throughout both Yo’s culture and business objectives.

WOWing the world

He’s described by so many as a kind, positive and creative force, so full of life, that he seemed to impact everyone he met – both customers and the team around him. Some of the vast knowledge and learnings that Ryan had about business are still being taught today.


Ryan believed in starting a business that supplied more than just a service. His mission and mantra were to ‘WOW The World’ and to increase the success of every business that Yo Telecom worked with. Being invested in every customer, he left vivid memories of a can-do, solution-based mindset. Even if it was believed that something couldn’t be done, he’d challenge the Yo team at every opportunity to find a way to make it happen for the customer.

Sharing his wisdom

Being the full-of-life go-getter that he was, Ryan had many hobbies. Always looking for new experiences, he would then need to work to become the best he possibly could be at that thing. He believed in pushing himself to fulfil his potential. It was in his nature to learn as much as he could, become the best he could, and then share that knowledge with everyone around him. That thirst for knowledge and sharing even pushed Ryan to write and publish his own book: Simple Changes That Guarantee Success In Business – which is still available HERE.

Painting the way...

Beyond the business world, Ryan loved art – especially street art. Being a talented graffiti artist in his own right, we still have much of Ryan’s work on display around our offices to remind us of the dream. We’ve even put a few of Ryan’s designs on some of our Yo Telecom t-shirts.

Ryan’s spirit will always live on. His tenacity, passion and spirit have been distilled into our 10 Core Values, which guide and influence everything we do, every single day, here at Yo Telecom.

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