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Looking to check fibre coverage? Finding the correct broadband for your business can be a time consuming task. With so many different options, and not all of them being available for your area, you can often find yourself at a dead end. To save you the time and headaches, we’ve got our broadband technicians on hand to find the best fibre broadband options available specifically for your business address.

Can I get fibre broadband to my business?

The UK has a number of business broadband connections that are available nationwide, and they range widely in internet speed and the types of technology they use.

Your business location will determine what type of broadband connection and speeds are available.


A broadband network can take the form of fibre-optic cables, copper phone lines, 5G mobile internet or even a satellite signal. But it’s unlikely that you will be able to access all of these at your business premises. It’s important to get reliable speed estimates before agreeing to any long-term broadband contracts.

The importance of high-speed internet for business

As you’re probably aware, having a reliable internet connection is becoming vital for almost every business. We use it for everything, from browsing web pages, sending emails, downloading documents and even hosting our telephone systems.


Depending on the number of staff in your business, you may require a high speed fibre line to ensure that communications between your staff and customers remains up and running. Losing internet connection due to bad quality and slow speeds can have a big impact and financial loss.


So why is fibre broadband so good? Well, Fibre optic cables use thin strands of glass to transmit information at the speed of light, enabling a faster and more reliable connection. Just what a business needs. 

Fibre To The Premises

Fibre optic cables use thin strands of glass to transmit information at the speed of light, enabling a faster and more reliable connection.

Our Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) packages offer speeds up to 4.5 times faster than standard broadband.

Unable to get fibre in your area?

Here at Yo Telecom, we offer 4G and 5G routers as an alternative to fibre.

These are perfect for small businesses looking for an affordable yet fast internet solution. 4G routers boast speeds of up to 90Mbps and 5G up to 200Mbps.

Is your business prepared for the BT switch off?

BT are currently in the process of switching off their traditional PSTN and ISDN telephone lines. Meaning any homes or businesses currently using these types of lines for their broadband connection will need to upgrade before the completion date of 2025.


You can learn more about why BT are making the switch as well as what alternatives you have in our blog post ‘The BT Switch Off – Everything you need to know!’.

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