4 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

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You may have seen loads of articles about company culture flying around. But what is company culture and why is it important for your business?

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is who your business is. It sets the tone for how things run on a day to day basis. Your company’s culture can be determined by a few things, such as ethics, environment, mission and values.

Why is Company Culture Important?

A lot of business owners don’t realise the importance of company culture. It’s more than just casual Fridays and family fun days. Your company culture should be something that is deep routed into your business. The workplace should be somewhere that your employees want to be and with the right company culture that’s exactly what will happen.

By focusing on your company’s culture, you’re focusing on your employees and creating an amazing work environment for them. When your employees are happy this will show in their work! They will be more likely to finish tasks on time and at a high-quality standard. Which will benefit your business in the long run.

Zappos is a company that have a great culture. Zappos believe that when you get the company culture right, great customer service and a great brand will happen by itself. So now you know what company culture is, what steps can you take to improve yours?

4 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

1. Identify Core Values

Core Values are defined as a set of beliefs that a person or company see as being of central importance. At Yo Telecom, we have a set of 10 core values that we all live and work by. You can see these below:

  1. – Go Above and Beyond With Service To WOW Everyone
  2. – Inspire and Lift The Spirits of The World
  3. – Be Passionate, Determined and Courageous
  4. – Dream and Live Big
  5. – Persistence Beats Resistance, Keep On Going
  6. – Be Loyal, Honest and Humble
  7. – Make Good Works Well Known
  8. – See “Problems” as Challenges, Face Them With Optimism
  9. – Learn, Use and Share Good Knowledge
  10. – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

To get to this list of 10, we all volunteered beliefs that are important to us and this was the result. Core values are important within your organisation as they help to keep everyone on the right track. If you all believe in the same things, it makes working towards the same goal a lot easier!

2. Hire Employees that Share your Values

Getting new employees is important for the growth of your business, however, this is when your company culture is most likely to be disrupted. Not everyone will share the same values as you and your company so it’s important to create a hiring process that will enable you to find out if your candidates will be a good culture match. Just because someone has applied with an amazing CV and the right experience doesn’t always mean that they will be the right fit for your business. If they don’t share your values, they probably won’t last very long at the company. Whereas candidates that do share your values will settle into working life perfectly. It’s proven that employees who fit in with company culture enjoy work a lot more.

3. Transparency is Key

As a leader, it’s important that you are there for your employees. If you’re constantly in your office and not interacting with your team, you’re eventually going to become disconnected from each other. Spending time with your team and keeping them up to date with your plans will ensure a happy workforce. To keep in touch with your team you can have weekly informal catch-ups or team dinners. Your employees are likely to be happier if they see you as approachable (someone they can come to with anything, from their thoughts and ideas to issues and problems).

4. Praise your Team for their Achievements

While sharing good news about how your company is growing and progressing is great, one of the best ways to boost morale is to share the individual achievements of your team! Say someone from your finance team has smashed their monthly targets, sharing this news with the whole company will not only make this person feel great but it will encourage the rest of your team to work hard to reach their targets. People love to be praised and praise from your employer is one of the best kinds, so if you see your team working hard – let them know you’re impressed! No one wants to feel like just another cog in the machine, so having a culture that actively seeks to praise individuals will put you miles above other companies in terms of a happy workforce.

In summary, a strong company culture will lead to happy employees – and happy employees are productive employees! When a business is more productive, it’s more profitable and profit is the aim of the game after all. By focusing on your culture, you’re creating an environment for your team to thrive in and this will ultimately help you to increase the success of your business.

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