Apple ‘Far Out’ Event 2022: Everything You Need To Know

apple far out event 2022
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So Apple’s back again this week with another monstrous event, giving the world an insight into the array of new products to be released in the coming future. There wasn’t much innovation in terms of brand new products, instead, Apple did what apple does best and has once again levelled up their flagship products; The iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The new models of these hugely popular products are looking sleeker and filled with new and intriguing features that the world is already dying to get its hands on.

In this blog, we’ll cut all the fluff and get straight to what you want to know: what’s new and how much it will cost. So, with that in mind, let’s get into it…

iPhone 14

iphone 14

Naturally, the product that everyone was most anticipating was the new iPhone 14. As ever, Apple is releasing the new iPhone available in a range of different models. Here’s a breakdown…

Standard iPhone 14

Not much of a far cry from the iPhone 13, this newest version is essentially upgrading the hardware of its predecessor. While it’s still running the same A15 chip as before, Apple has upgraded the 14 with a new 5-core GPU which will improve the overall performance over last year’s iPhone. It’s also a similar story to the camera. Despite it still being a 12-megapixel camera, it does, however, now have an upgraded sensor, meaning improved image quality when shooting in low light environments.

Price: £849 (128GB) 

iPhone 14 Plus

The plus model is essentially the exact same phone as the standard iPhone 14 but with a larger screen and a larger battery. The standard model has a 6.1-inch screen size, the plus expanding that with a 6.7-inch screen. This may not seem like a lot, however, you’ll feel the difference when holding the device in your hand. As we mentioned the battery is also upgraded in this model. The specifics of what that means for battery-life times are unclear at this point but as you can guess; a bigger battery means longer life.

Price: £949 (128GB)

iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max 

The next models up from the Plus are the Pro and Pro Max. Much like the plus, the only difference between the Pro and Pro Max is screen size. The Pro series has all the great additions that the Plus holds, plus a few upgrades. The first is the 4-nanometer A16 Bionic chipset – an impressive hardware upgrade – which makes the Pro far more powerful than the Plus. On top of that, it also includes an extra 48 Megapixel camera for even sharper images and video.

However, the unique feature of the Pro series that’s made the internet explode with excitement is the Dynamic Island. This has replaced the blank black ‘notch’ of the previous iPhones – making way for a whole new way of navigating around your phone. With the Dynamic Island, you can set certain apps to notify through this small screen. Your music player, fitness apps, and social media for example. As we mentioned before however, you’ll have to shell out for a Pro series model iPhone if you want to get your hands on this smart new feature.


Pro: £1099

Pro Plus: £1199

Noteworthy New Features

Along with new features like the Dynamic Island, Apple’s new series of products also comes with some interesting new features – available on all their devices. 

Crash Detection

This is a very interesting new feature. One that could potentially save lives believe it or not. Through the use of GPS mapping, Crash Detection will essentially detect when you are travelling by car and if by any chance, you have a “severe” crash – your phone will give you a warning that it will contact the emergency services for you. What Apple deems as a “severe” crash is unclear, however still an impressive and innovative feature nonetheless.

Always On Lock Screen

For Android users, this feature is old news. However, for Apple users, this has been a much-anticipated feature for a while now. When enabled, the new OLED screen panel, that the new iPhone 14 Pro holds, can go as low as 1hz and will keep your lock screen display lit up continuously. The low-lit screen will display the time, plus any widgets you have enabled. 

Apple Watch 8 

apple watch 8

Much the like the new round of iPhones, the newest addition to the AppleWatch series focuses more on improved features – rather than a complete innovative overhaul. There are new and improved temperature sensors which help with fitness & wellbeing apps, as well as helping women with reproductive planning – However, the biggest improvements are focused on the battery. The standard model now holds an impressive 18hrs battery life, an even more impressive 36hrs at low power mode. Great for anyone taking long trips (or “adventures” as Apple puts it). The Ultra model however holds an astonishing 36hrs of battery life – and 60 hours of life in lower power mode! 

Programmable Action Button

Along with the remarkable new battery life, the next big addition to the AppleWatch Ultra is the Programmable Action Button. This is an extra button that the user can program and customise in ‘any’ way they like, allowing you to create a shortcut to an app of your choice. How customisable this button will be is yet to be seen, but an improvement nevertheless.


Apple Watch 8: £419

Apple Watch 8 Ultra: £849 

AirPods Pro 2

airpods pro 2

Lastly but not least was the new series of AirPods. Along with having an improved sound quality, the new AirPods are promised to have up to 2x better noise cancellation – music to current AirPod users’ ears. The second biggest new addition is not actually to the AirPods, but to the case instead. Any current Airpod users will know just how easy it is to misplace them, so Apple has ingeniously added speakers to the outside of the case. This is so that if they do get misplaced, you can send an alarm from your phone to help find where you left them. The battery life has also had an upgrade, boasting a greater 6 hours of playtime when fully charged. 

Price: £249


As you can see, and as we said at the beginning, Apple has done what they do best: take the products that people love and make them better. Even if it’s only slightly. No overall game-changing innovations, but enough new features and functionality that will keep die-hard Apple users happy for another year. If you’re reading this blog then chances are you probably missed the video conference the first time around. So, if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, Apple has since released the full event on YouTube – which you can watch HERE.

If you found this blog helpful or interesting, be sure to check out a few of our other blogs, all about phone systems, business success and loads more.

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