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IP Phone System Advice
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Talking about telecommunications and looking in to different solutions for your business can be a confusing task. Unless you know the lingo, it can seem like many providers are speaking a different language. You may commonly see words like PBX, IP and VOIP. But what does this all mean? If it looks like just letters to you, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. In this article, we will go through what an IP phone system is and give you our expert advice on this type of system.

What You Need to Know About IP Systems

What Does IP Stand For?

An IP (Internet Protocol) phone system is essentially a phone system that uses the internet to make phone calls. There are different types available to you: VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – make and receive phone calls over the internet. This is the most common IP system on the market.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) – rather than just sending voice data like the VoIP phone system, SIP will send and receive any multimedia data – such as video calls etc. This system is particularly useful for businesses that need to use Skype for video conferences.

How Do They Work?

In technical terms, IP systems work by turning analogue voice into digital signals that are then transferred through internet protocol. Sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple. IP phone systems look exactly like the more traditional phone system you are used to. You’ll still have a handset on your desk (or a cordless handset), like you always have. However the difference is that, instead of running on fixed phone lines at your building, an IP system will route your calls through your internet connection. IP systems are often referred to as cloud-based systems, as your system will be based in the cloud (the internet).

Advantages of IP Phone Systems

Using an IP phone system can offer you many benefits. The first being that they can save you a lot of money! As your calls go through the internet this means your call charges are a lot cheaper than with a traditional landline.

As well as this, using IP software often leads to higher sound quality. Traditional landline phones, that are restricted to fixed lines, can often experience crackling due to this limitation. IP calls are transmitted digitally, so the sound you hear over the phone is often much clearer.

Not being restricted to physical lines also means that you can take more calls at the same time. For example, with a traditional phone system, if you have 4 phone lines you can only take 4 calls at a time. With an IP system, there are no limits to the number of calls you can take.

Last but not least, IP phone systems are a great way to connect your offices if your business is based in multiple locations.

Disadvantages of IP Phone Systems

The main disadvantage to IP phone systems is their reliability. Businesses with VOIP phone systems can often experience lots of downtime and cutouts. This can be due to their office internet connection not being strong enough to support the system, or because their area has weak signals. Either way, if your clients can’t get through to you, or they get cut off during the call, it doesn’t create a good impression in their mind.

If they are phoning to enquire about using your services, it’s likely they will head back to Google and call your competition instead.

Introducing the Hybrid Phone System…

Yo Telecom bring you the hybrid phone system – a phone system that offers you the best of both worlds.

With the hybrid phone system you get all the features and benefits of a VoIP phone system, plus many more, but with the added security of a backup traditional line. This ensures that you can make and take calls at all times. If you experience issues with your internet connection, or you have periods where it’s slow, your phone system will automatically route your calls through a backup line! This means you can offer the best service possible to your clients.

The hybrid phone system is the most reliable phone system you can get, as well as having a range of awesome features that will help to increase the success of your business.

These include; call recording, call logging, on-hold marketing, auto-attendant, professional voicemail and many more.

Want to Know More?

If you are looking to update your phone system and want a reliable and quality solution, we have a 5 step plan to getting this in place:

1. Book a Consultation and Demo

You can book your free demo via our form below this blog or you can call us on 02382 146115.

2. Let us Know Your Requirements

We tailor our package around your needs. So let us know how many handsets, lines, plus any extras you need and we’ll create the perfect solution for you.

3. We’ll Present you With Your Options

We have four different plans. They all come with different features and are all different prices. We’ll show these to you and answer any questions you may have.

4. You Decide Which one Works for you

We’ll give you our recommendations, based on the information you give us, to help you choose the best option for your business.

5. Let us Take Care of a Hassle Free Switch-Over

Our expert engineers will take it from here and install your brand new phone system! Your delivery and installation will be booked for a day that suits you. We’ll also train you to make the most of all of the features.

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