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Clover Dental Practice are a local practice, situated in North Baddesley, Southampton. They recently switched to Yo Telecom after wanting to consolidate their 4 providers into 1. We went to visit Kevin Evan, Clover’s Senior Business Development Manager, to see how they were getting on & also hear what they had to say about their Yo experience so far…  


Interview Transcript…

Could You Tell Us A Little About Yourself And Your Business?

My name is Kevin Evan & I’m the Senior Business Development Manager for Clover Dental Practice, in North Baddesley, Southampton.

What Was Your Telecom Situation Before Joining Yo? 

We took over the practice in January 2022 and our service was provided by 4 different suppliers. We wanted to rationalise and have one provider providing all our IT and telephony networks.

How Have You Found Your Yo Experience?

So, our Yo experience to date has been fantastic. I can’t think of any other word really for it. From day 1 we’ve had a nominated account manager. We’ve had really close relations with them. We’ve got our IT support package. We have telephony support here as well. We also installed a patient TV, so Yo and their marketing team have developed our first set of patient information slides in our waiting room.

How Have You Found The Support From Yo? 

So it’s been really really good. We’ve had, I think, 2 issues to date since we took over and that wasn’t Yo related. It was to do with the outside lines. When we have needed Yo for support, they’ve been there and that’s just been really good. They have continued to keep in contact with me to see how we’re doing, are there any problems or ongoing issues, and how can we work together. So I can highly recommend Yo as a service provider.

What Is The Stand-Out Feature, From Your Phone System, That Has Changed Your Day-To-Day Operations? 

So, standout features that Yo and ourselves have installed from day 1 is really the software package. We have a cloud based system for our clinical software and the system we have on the telephone integrates with that so that the name of the patients pops up. We’re able to actually answer the phone by the patient’s first name, or however they want us to speak to them. So that’s been a revolutionary aspect as far as that’s concerned. That’s been really good. We’ve added new services, new systems into the practice and Yo have been instrumental in updating our slides – so it’s really good. As I said earlier on, I can highly recommend Yo. If you are thinking about having a change of service provider – speak to them first of all!


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You can also find more of our customer testimonials and hear how we’ve helped other businesses over on our YoTelecom YouTube Channel.

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