Company Culture Practices To Improve Staff Wellbeing

company culture to improve staff wellbeing
Linda Tigrine

Linda Tigrine

Chief Operating Officer

Maintaining a positive attitude and well-being throughout your workforce is vital for business owners. Not only is it their responsibility to ensure their employees are happy and content in the workplace, but it is also paramount for a business’ success. Happy people will work harder, smarter, and for longer. According to USAToday, companies with happy employees outperform the competition by as much as 20%. Because of this, we want to share with you a few simple and cost-effective practices – which we’ve incorporated ourselves – that you could also introduce into your company culture today, that are sure to keep the spirits up.


What Is Meant By Company Culture?

Company culture is the collective attitude and behaviours of a company and its employees. It is inevitable. It becomes apparent in the way a business’ people interact with each other, the values that are held, and the decisions that are made. The term ‘Company Culture’ can be used as a general term for a lot more specific things like work environment, company mission, leadership style, ethics, values, expectations, and goals.


Company Culture Ideas For Improving Staff Wellbeing

Here at Yo, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are constantly trying to improve and create a workplace that our team loves and therefore brings out their best. As mentioned earlier, we’ve introduced many things into our company culture to do this – which we now want to share with you. So, here are a few cost effective changes to practice that can go a long way to greatly impacting and improving on the wellbeing of a workforce – both individually and as a team:


Work Wear – 

Like a few of the other items on this list, this one may not be applicable to all. However, if possible, one small change to your business could be with dress code rulings. According to studies, 61% of employees are more productive when dress codes are relaxed, compared to environments that are a lot stricter with work wear. This could be down to the added expenditure of having to buy clothing, outside of normal wear, specific for work. However, it could also come down to the fact that they are having to follow a ruling that they believe is unnecessary. According to the same previous study, 80% of people who work in an environment with a dress code say that they don’t find them useful at all. So, by trusting your employees to come to work in an outfit that THEY deem suitable has a much more positive, resonant effect than telling them what they can and can’t wear.


Pets In The Office – 

Almost everybody understands the positive, uplifting effect that pets and animals have on us. Research from the Mental Health Foundation found that 87% of pet owners felt that having a pet had a positive impact on their wellbeing – 76% agreeing that they could cope better with life thanks to the company of their pets – and this doesn’t stop in the workplace! Obviously there are lines that can be crossed, but by simply allowing certain pet owners to bring their furry friends in with them on certain days can help keep stress levels down, not only for the pet owners but also for others in the workplace.


Employee’s Of The Month – 

An age old tradition, but still an effective one! Studies from Gostick & Elton found that employee recognition directly relates to lower turnover, and higher organisation results. This is because workers will always appreciate their hard work and efforts being not only acknowledged, but praised. One difference you can make to an Employee Of The Month scheme though is by having the decision making be made by the team itself, voting for their fellow employees – a great way of bringing your team together.


Regular Socials – 

Another great way of bringing a team together is by hosting regular work socials. No matter the business or industry, to operate like a well-oiled machine, it’s vital that any team is cohesive and comfortable together. One of the best ways to do this is by removing them from the work environment and creating team-bonding occasions. This could be something like an escape room, a team-based activity, or just going for a meal and drinks. Getting your team to interact and bond together in environments outside of the workplace will help remove any social separations that they might have between them.


4 Day Work Week – 

This is a brand new, slightly unorthodox practice – but one that is showing a lot of benefits. Research has shown that a four-day week can boost productivity and happiness, as well as improve recruitment and retention. From 2015 to 2019, Iceland ran two large-scale trials of a reduced working week and found productivity and service provision remained the same, or improved, across the majority of trial workplaces. They also found that worker wellbeing dramatically increased across a range of indicators, from perceived stress and burnout to health and work-life balance. 

The UK has its own upcoming trials in 2022 with 30 companies (YoTelecom being one of them) testing this new model over 6 months. We published a separate article all about this trial program, and how we will approach operations – which you can read hereif you want to find out more about this.



In summary, the idea is to try and create a working environment that makes your workforce feel comfortable and cheerful enough that they are motivated to do their best work. To create a company culture that trusts its people and reduces the areas that might bring them stress and anxiety, on top of their existing workload. Hopefully, from this brief article, you’ve learnt that these certain changes to practice can be not only low in cost but also greatly beneficial to your business’ success.


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