Dedicated Internet Access For Business – Is It Worthwhile?

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These days, almost every businesses needs a reliable, high-performing internet connection to operate. They require reliable access to the information they need, at any time, from anywhere. It speeds up business processes, communication with customers, and improves performance across all areas. With companies relying on cloud technology for most of their operations, dedicated business internet is becoming a more popular choice for companies of all sizes – and from all industries.

So, let’s take a look into what dedicated internet access is, and whether it’s worth the investment for your business… 

What Is Dedicated Internet Access?

Put as simply as possible, an internet connection that is delivered through Ethernet or a private line that can’t be shared with people outside of your business. With a leased line, you can increase your bandwidth and data usage to meet the growing needs of your business.

The difference between shared and dedicated internet access is that a shared service is based on a typical broadband model, wherein a number of users access a connection and the bandwidth is shared between them.

A dedicated internet service is a private connection from an ISP to a building or location. No other users will share the internet speed, which means the speed is much faster with a dedicated line. With a dedicated access service, the upload speed is generally the same as the download speed. This is particularly important for businesses that have several offices and remote workers.

Businesses decide to upgrade their network for many reasons. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation has been a driver for improving connectivity for employees and clients, especially for global companies.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Dedicated Internet Access?

Before investing in a leased line, it’s important to consider some of the benefits, as well as any impacts that it may have on your business…

Faster Upload and Download Speeds

Faster upload times make it easier to store and access files on the cloud. No lagging means you can move large files quickly and seamlessly.

In particular, companies that have high usage in browsing, streaming and video editing will be able to complete their tasks without any disruption. You may also need to upgrade your internet to carry voice traffic over your connection. With most broadband providers this would require a new package and cost, but this does not apply to dedicated internet services.

Low latency can have several negative effects on your business. Your internet bandwidth can reduce, which is caused by low latency. This means that you will be restricted on the amount of data that you can send wirelessly. Investing in dedicated internet access is an effective way to improve your latency through increased bandwidth and reliability.

Strengthen Your Data Backup and Recovery Plan

When dealing with critical business data, it’s important to set automatic data backups. A fast internet connection will allow this process to happen in the background without affecting any productivity.

Improves The Quality and Efficiency of Video Conferencing

Lagging and time delays are a thing of the past with the higher bandwidth that a stronger internet connection provides. Images and sound are clearer, helping attendees focus on the purpose of the meeting rather than trying to understand what is being said. A dedicated internet connection will guarantee that you always receive the bandwidth that you are being charged for.

Slowdowns are not a professional image to portray when video conferencing with customers or business partners. Convey a much better representation of your company and brand with high resolution and sharper video feeds from a stronger internet service.

Better Collaboration

Sending and downloading files are daily business activities that can be time-consuming and frustrating if they can’t be done efficiently, especially if employees are working remotely. Seamless file transfer from high internet speeds enables more effective and productive working relationships.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Poor internet speeds can impact an employee’s ability to do their job. This can lead to unsatisfied staff that feel unmotivated to work. When this happens it can be tempting for employees to find a similar job with a company that provides better technology in order to be happier in their work.

Quicker Response Times For Online Tools

Online tools such as Google Apps and Salesforce are becoming increasingly popular in companies from all industries. To maximise the benefits that they provide, a strong and reliable connection to the internet is required. Employees are also much more likely to adopt new processes, tools and systems if they are working efficiently.


One of the best things about a reliable, strong internet connection is that when your business grows, the bandwidth will still perform well with extra employees, software and tools. There will be no need to invest more money in upgrading your connection.

Improved Network Security

Cyber security for your business is essential, especially if you handle employees’ and clients’ personal data.

Investing in using dedicated internet access can boost your security because you’re not sharing the connection with anyone outside of your business. This strengthens your firewall and reduces your risk of network breaches. A security breach can cost businesses a large amount of money, so having a dedicated leased line means you can invest in other areas of your business and not worry about when you may face an online attack.

Are There Any Downsides To Investing In Dedicated Internet Access?

Of course, like anything, all these benefits do come with a couple of downsides…

Initial Price

The initial costs of higher-end routers and other equipment to support faster internet speeds can be costly. However, the increase in productivity from having increased internet speeds can result in significant cost savings for businesses over time.

Choosing a Provider

With so many dedicated internet connection providers, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one for your business. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision:

  •     Reputation – reading reviews from similar businesses will help you determine whether a provider will be able to meet your needs.
  •     Service levels – response priority, network availability and network quality are all important factors when choosing a corporate internet service.
  •     Customer support – what happens when you have technical issues? Will the provider offer 24/7 support options or make you sit through automated messages? When it comes to business, time is money when you can’t access the services you need to provide a product or service.

Complexity of Installation

It can take providers of dedicated internet service between 30 and 90 days to install, depending on your technology set up and other factors. This is because dedicated internet connections need network provisioning and installation of specialist equipment.

What Is The Difference Between Ethernet And Broadband?

Dedicated connections that are provided by Ethernet cable are usually considerably faster than a standard broadband connection. Broadband can reach speeds of 100 Mbps, while a connection over fibre-optic Ethernet cable can achieve a connection speed of up to 10 Gbps.

So, Is Dedicated Internet Access Worth The Investment?

If you want to provide your employees with the best tools to do their job and increase productivity, dedicated internet access is definitely worth the investment, as you can recoup the initial cost over time. Customers will also view your business as professional and reliable, enabling you to build up a loyal client base and grow your company.

Here at Yo, we’re all about Improving Business Success through telecoms, technology and other means. Our business-grade wifi systems are guaranteed to bring you a sturdy and reliable internet connection throughout your entire premises. So, if you are interested in updating your telephone system and/or WiFi, then Yo Telecom can help. Enter your details in the contact form below to find out how we can help your business TODAY!

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