Everything You Need To Know About Phone Systems With Door Intercoms

Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

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Tired of people walking in and out of your building as they please? Or are you bored of having to walk down long corridors and flights of stairs to answer the door to someone? If you’re feeling any of those struggles, it seems like you need an intercom system to alert you of people wanting to come into your building. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What if that intercom was connected to your phone system, allowing entry at just the press of a button? Even better! In this short article, I will go through what door intercoms are, how they work with our phone systems and how they can improve the success of your business.

How Does a Door Intercom Work?

A door intercom, or door buzzer, works as a two way communication system that connects your building to the outside world.

A buzzer is connected to your building. When someone wants to gain access to your building, they will need to ring the buzzer, which is connected to the phone system in the building. The phones will ring to alert that someone is at the door. Once the phone has been answered and you have established who is wanting to gain access to your building, you can press a button which is connected to the door of your building. Once this button is pressed, the door opens and the visitor can enter the building.

Nice and simple, right? This feature can save you a lot of time and hassle and comes as standard with all the Yo Telecom phone system packages!

Who is the Best Door Intercom Installer?

If you’re looking for a reliable door buzzer that can link up to a phone system, and you want quick and easy installation with no extra charges, then Yo Telecom is for you!

Yo Telecom provide phone systems that will really WOW you!

As I said before, door intercom comes as standard with our overall telephone package, along with loads more awesome features. We don’t like to boast here, in fact our core value number 6 is to be loyal, honest and humble.

How Long do Door Intercoms Take to Install?

As the door intercom comes with our overall telephone package, it can take our team of highly skilled engineers just one or two days to complete the full installation of your new phone system, depending on the size of your building.

As well as installation, all packages come with programming, staff training, 1st year maintenance, cabling (where necessary) and project management from one our friendly Yo family team members.

What Different Types of Door Intercoms Work With Yo Telecom Phone Systems?

Our phone systems packages can use either a video and audio or audio only door intercom. A video and audio door intercom will allow you to see and hear who has pressed the buzzer, whereas an audio only intercom will just let you hear the person.

It is up to you and the needs of your business as to what intercom you choose!

Are Door Intercoms Safe?

To put it simply – yes. Having a door intercom with your phone system will allow you to see or hear your visitors before they have entered the building and they will only be allowed on site once you have pressed the button and let them in.

This means you have more control of who comes in and out of your building. More control equals more safety for you, your staff and stakeholders.

What Regions Do Yo Telecom Install Door Intercom Systems?

If you are a business owner, based in the following regions, and you’re ready to bring your communication into the 21st century, give Yo Telecom a call on 02382 146115 or email us at [email protected]

We provide to Hampshire, London, Dorset, Reading, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and many more!

3 Step Plan to Increase the Success of Your Business

1. Book a Demo

Book in for a FREE demo of our phone systems by calling us on 02382 146115.

2. Sign up for the Option that Suits the Needs of Your Business

One of our specialist consultants will come to your office and discuss all of your options until we have come up with the perfect solution that meets your requirements.

3. Let us Take Care of a Hassle Free Installation & Training

Your delivery and installation date will be booked on a day that suits you. We’ll take care of the whole switch over and will train you to make the most of all of the features on your new phone system!

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