How can WiFi Data Capture Help Your Business?

Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

Marketing Coordinator

For most customers these days, WiFi is an absolute essential! Many don’t just want it, but expect it – and may even favour going elsewhere if you can’t provide this for them. With a Yo Telecom WiFi system, not only can you offer your customers the best WiFi possible but you can also use it to your advantage. In this article, we will discuss how you can use WiFi to benefit your business and help you to increase your success.

It’s all because of a feature called WiFi Data Capture.

What is WiFi Data Capture?

You’ve probably been somewhere that offers free WiFi and had to log in using a social media profile or by entering some personal details such as your email address, phone number and date of birth. WiFi Data Capture works by gathering and storing this data to tell you useful information about your WiFi users. This information contains demographics, average dwell time and how much internet they used during their session.

How Can WiFi Data Capture Help Your Business?

Knowing this information can help you in many ways. Here are just a few of them:

1. Tailor Your Marketing Campaigns

By knowing this information, you gain a better understanding of the type of customer you are attracting to your business – for example, what gender and age group visit most. This means you can run marketing campaigns to suit the needs and wants of this audience, which will help boost the level of engagement between your business and this target group!


2. Encourage Repeat Customers

This will go hand in hand with the previous post. If you know who you are targeting and are actively targeting them, they should be easily attracted back to your business. You can send email campaigns, using MailChimp, directly to your customers, this can be things like money-off vouchers or freebies – for example, £10 off your next visit or buy one get one free.

3. Increase Google Reviews

Once your customers have successfully logged on and accessed your WiFi, it will give them the opportunity to rate the experience at your business. The more reviews you have on TripAdvisor, TrustPilot and Google the better your business will look in the eyes of your customers. We recommend increasing your Google reviews as this will help to increase your ranking on Google overall.

Businesses with a higher rating on Google are seen to be more trustworthy and therefore customers are more likely to use products and services from these businesses. Say you’re looking for a builder, you’re much more likely to choose the company with 200 reviews and a 4.5-star rating than the company with 30 reviews and a 3-star rating.

4. Gives you a Competitive Advantage

Offering this service to your customers can help set you apart from your competition. If you can provide great WiFi, that covers your entire building, for free then you’re a step ahead of many of your competitors!

How can you get This in Place?

1. Book a Consultation and Demo

You can book this via our online form or by calling us on 02382 146115.

2. Let us Know Your Requirements

We tailor our packages around your needs, so let us know how many handsets and lines, plus any extras, and we’ll create the perfect solution for you.

3. We’ll Present you With Your Options

We have four different plans. They all come with different features and are all different prices. We’ll show these to you and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

4. You Decide Which one Works for you

We’ll give you our recommendations, based on the information you give us, to help you choose the best option for your business.

5. Let us Take Care of a Hassle Free Switch-Over

Our expert engineers will take it from here and install your brand new phone system! Your delivery and installation date will be booked for a day that suits you. We’ll also train you on how to make the most of all the features!

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