How to grow your business: PURPOSE.

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Yo Telecom has grown from just two co-founders (Nathan Hanslip & I) to a 60+ full time employee company, producing at great levels, in our first four years of business. We also have something super awesome, but top secret, that we’re working on right now which will create expansion on a whole new level (more on this another time).

But, what is the most basic thing that underlies Yo’s (and almost every other top company’s) success?

PURPOSE – The foundation of business growth.

In order for a company or individual to succeed and expand in an influential manner, they have to have a purpose.

Without purpose, organisations don’t tend to grow as fast or get as big. They don’t have that foundation from which everything else grows. No one knows exactly why they’re doing what they’re doing and everyone certainly won’t be aligned toward one goal.

For example, a football team without purpose; some players would have the purpose of looking cool on TV, others would want to be a hero and win the game by themselves and who knows what else the rest would have as a purpose. This team probably wouldn’t do very well. If they had a team purpose of “scoring more goals than the opposition” and every player was working toward that purpose, it’s easy to see how just with that the team can be aligned and get the job done.

Within a company, every action by every person should allow your company purpose to succeed. It’s the basis of everyone’s production With a genuinely good purpose, everyone should stay motivated even through tough times.

Look at Starbucks purpose; “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.” I think that’s a pretty awesome purpose. Just reading it now, I can see that they live up to the purpose. I was in Starbucks recently with a friend, and I told him, the environment in here is great and how they have grown all over the world is incredible and inspiring.

Our company purpose (see picture) is on the wall straight as you walk in the door, so everyone reads it as they come into work in the morning and when they return from breaks. We’re all working toward the same thing!

So, if you don’t already, get your company purpose formulated. Once you have that, get it well know and grooved into everyone’s mind. Then ensure everyone is taking action that forwards the purpose.

Then thank me for all that expansion you get.

Have fun,

Ryan O’Carroll

P.S. If you have any questions or want help creating your purpose, just drop me a message.

P.S.2. Do not create a company purpose: “To make loads of money.” This is not a purpose agreeable with your clients. Create a purpose that helps the client, solves a problem or does something good, the money is then just a byproduct of achieving your awesome purpose.

P.S.3. If you’d like to know everything there is on purpose I recommend reading the book ON PURPOSE written by Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan

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