19 Interesting New Features Included In iOS 14

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Apple typically releases a new operating system every year and iOS 14 is due to hit our devices this fall. This update has plenty of new features, many of which have the capacity to totally revolutionise our daily life. Some of the most highly anticipated features include being able to open and start your car from your phone, the ability to watch videos whilst also browsing the web, and sound recognition for specific noises such as a smoke alarm.

19 Interesting iOS 14 Features

01. Compact Calls 

Rather than an incoming phone call filling your entire phone screen, calls will now be banners that can be swiped up to dismiss. This means you can carry on with whatever you were doing before your phone began ringing without having to decline the call. 

02. Picture in Picture 

FaceTime a friend whilst checking your mail and watch a video whilst browsing the web. Picture in Picture allows you to do two things simultaneously and hence increase your productivity.

03. Mentions in Messages 

This feature allows you to mention a specific person in a group conversation in Messages. Linked to this, you can set up to only receive notifications from a group if and when you’re mentioned, rather than every time a message is sent.

04. Electric Vehicle Routing 

If you drive an electric vehicle, maps can automatically add charging points to your route and account for charging time when calculating your ETA. If you add your electric vehicle to your iPhone, Maps can also track the current charge of your car.

05. Congestion Zones in Maps 

Also in Maps, you will now be able to see Congestion Zones, their tolls and have the option to totally avoid them if you wish. This is particularly beneficial for those driving in cities such as London and Paris where traffic is very heavy.

06. New Translate App

iOS 14 is bringing a whole new app to the Apple suite; Translate. This has been designed to make having conversations in other languages feel natural and easy, and includes 11 languages. Conversation mode allows you to speak into your microphone and the app will translate your words for you there and then. This app also allows you to download languages and use them offline, and save favourite phrases to make them easily accessible.

07. Adaptive Lighting 

When linked to supported lighting, you can set the colour to change throughout the day to maximise comfort. For example, with warmer tones in the morning and reduced levels of blue light in the evenings to help with sleep. 

08. Face Recognition Doorbells 

When set up with HomeKit Secure Video, you can enable face recognition for people who visit your home regularly and receive notifications telling you who specifically is at the door. This is set up using the tagged people in your Photos app. 

09. Car Keys in Wallet

Not only can you open and start your car from your iPhone, you are now also able to share your key with others giving them the ability to do this too. Your car key will also work for up to five hours after your phone battery runs out, meaning you won’t get stuck anywhere if your phone dies.

10. AirPod Battery Notifications 

Receive notifications on your phone telling you when your AirPods need charging including their battery percentage.

11. Recording Indicator 

Privacy is as important as ever and the new recording indicator will appear on your screen when an app is using your microphone or camera. Linked to this, you can see if any apps have used them recently in the Control Center. 

12. Share Approximate Location

Rather than sharing your exact location with apps, you will now be able to provide an approximate location instead to help protect your privacy. 

13. Widgets on the Home Screen 

Rather than just viewing them in Today View, iOS 14 will allow you to add and view widgets on your home screen, so you can see them amongst your other apps. These widgets can be different sizes and even automatically change throughout the day depending on your personal needs.

14. Pinned Conversations 

Keep your most important conversations at the top of your Messages app, making them easily accessible at all times. With iOS 14 you are able to pin up to nine conversations and with a group conversation, you’ll see the recent participants animate around the pin when they send a message.

15. Sleep Mode 

Sleep Mode puts the iPhone in Do Not Disturb, dims the phone’s screen and displays the date, time and your alarm for the next day. You can temporarily dismiss Sleep Mode and your iPhone will automatically turn the Sleep mode screen back on once you are finished with whatever you were doing. 

16. Emoji Search 

Rather than scrolling through the pages looking for a specific emoji, iOS 14 includes a search bar within the emoji keyboard allowing you to quickly find the one you were after.

17. Sound Recognition 

Designed to help those with hearing impairments, this feature allows people to receive a notification when a certain sound is heard by your phone. Not only is this potentially life-saving for those who cannot hear a smoke alarm or a baby crying, it can also be utilised by those who often wear headphones and cannot hear the world around them. 

18. Back Tap 

Within the accessibility settings, iOS 14 allows you to programme a double tap or triple tap to the back of the phone to a shortcut of your choice. These shortcuts can include but are not limited to Volume Up or Down, Screenshot, Notification Center, Siri and Home.

19. Third Party Apps As Default 

Rather than the Apple apps being the default for Email and Browser, this update allows you to choose a third-party app of your choice to use instead. 

So, there we have it, a run-through of a few of the iOS 14 features coming into effect in the coming months. If your company needs new business mobiles and would like to utilise any of these new features, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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