Is your Phone System Ready for Christmas?

phone system ready for christmas
Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

Marketing Coordinator

Everyone’s favourite time of year is nearly here! Christmas can be the most important time of year that customers need to contact you so before all the festivities begin, you need to make sure your communications are in good working order and you need to ask yourself some important questions: 

Will your Opening Hours be Changing?

It’s more than likely that your hours of operation will change slightly during the Christmas period, due to having time off and public holidays. It’s important that you make your customers aware of these changes! 

The last thing you want is your customers ringing and ringing and not getting through to anyone because they don’t know you’re closed! 

A simple message added to your phone system will take care of this problem. If you are in the medical profession, we suggest adding the details of emergency care so that your patients know where they can get help when you are closed (eg. call 111 or add your on-call number). 

Have you Updated your Voicemail Message?

Just as you need to update your opening hours, your voicemail message will need to be updated too.  If a customer (or new enquiry) calls in and is greeted by an out of date voicemail it won’t leave the best impression in their mind.  This is also the perfect time to wish your customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! With Yo Telecom it’s quick and simple to update your voicemail messages. Simply let us know the changes you’d like to make and we’ll take care of the rest for you!  Not only does something so simple as changing your messaging show a great level of care and service to your customers but will also help to eliminate lots of stress when you return to work in the new year! 

Do you Have any Seasonal Offers you Need to Promote? 

Switch-up your on-hold messaging with your festive deals! Callers are a captive audience so there’s no better time to advertise any offers you may have on during the Christmas period!  If you need a hand with your on-hold marketing scripts, just let us know and we’ll get something drafted for you. 

Will you (or your Team) be Taking Time off? 

Christmas time is all about giving and you want to make sure you give your team enough time off. If you’re worried about missing calls during this time, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!  Not only will our Call Logging feature track all of your calls, so you can return them when you’re back in the office, but our voicemail to email feature will capture all of your messages and email them directly to your mobile phone. This allows you to respond to enquiries as and when you can during your time off and means you won’t miss out on important opportunities. We call also divert the calls from your business phone system to your mobile phone during times where there are less team members in to cover the phones!

What Happens When Christmas is Over?

With the right phone system, everything can be changed back to normal in a matter of moments and you can carry on with business just like before – allowing an efficient and productive start to the new year! If you’re still struggling along with an old phone system, with limited features, make it your new years resolution to improve your communications! Call Yo Telecom today and we can talk through your business’ needs, so you can WOW your customers. 

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