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Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do here at Yo. From the steps in our recruitment process to the way our engineers install our systems, they influence every part of the business. They were created mid-2017 and have helped guide Yo to the success it is today. In this blog, we’re going to outline each of the ten values and also include an example of how we practice them at Yo. If you’re yet to create a set of values for your business, check out our blog on why your company needs core values. It covers why you should have them, how to choose them and ultimately how to check that they’re a good fit for your business. Onto our core values…

01. Go above and beyond with service to WOW everyone 

Our teams are consistently doing all they can, and more, to increase the success of our customer’s businesses. Whether it’s our delivery team creating bespoke solutions or our engineers working overtime to fit around our customers, as a company we always try to go above and beyond every day. 

02. Inspire and lift the spirits of the world

With regular charity events and our own charitable foundation, we’re really keen to make a difference in the world. We’ve filled our local food bank with essential supplies, sent Christmas presents to children abroad as well as raised funds for other important causes across the UK. 

03. Be passionate, determined and courageous 

As a company we are determined to help businesses increase their success. Our innovation team is always looking for ways to improve our offering and expand our service. Likewise, our customer success department is dedicated to enhancing our customer’s success. Through this determination we’ve now helped 2000 businesses (and counting) improve their communication! 

04. Dream and live big

As a reward for hard work and hitting targets, there have been many insane incentives over the years. From trips to Iceland, Barcelona and Dubai, to skiing trips, it’s fair to say our team likes to dream and live big. 

05. Persistence beats resistance, keep on going 

Occasionally faults do occur with systems and there are service outages out of our control that cannot be avoided. Our tech team continually tries new solutions to get things back up and running and won’t stop until a system is back as it should be. 

06. Be loyal, honest and humble 

Many providers have deceptive hidden fees. Here at Yo, however, our contracts are totally transparent and our consultants are honest with pricing. Our installs are included within your package and our billing team is always on hand should you have a query. 

07. Make good works well known 

Here at Yo, we have a few different ways that we make good works well known… We have a monthly internal newsletter that includes shoutouts and highlights good work, we post about our Employees of the Month on our social media and we also have an internal company chat purely for giving people kudos! Our company culture is focussed on positivity and recognising good work. 

08. See “problems” as challenges, face them with optimism 

We opened our Manchester office just before the pandemic hit. A new office and a new team and suddenly everyone went into lockdown. However, the team were positive, kept going and the team in Manchester is absolutely thriving now! They saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and it’s really paid off for them!

09. Learn, use and share good knowledge 

Here in marketing, we often have ‘skill share’ sessions where we take it in turns showing how we do certain aspects of our job role. Whether it’s learning how to design an Instagram post or sharing how to write a blog, these sessions are a great way to share expertise and learn new things. 

10. Communicate, communicate, communicate

As a telecoms company, communication is at the heart of everything we do. We have dedicated communication channels for all aspects of our workflow and use these to stay up to date. We also start each day by communicating how we’re feeling and spend the majority of our day communicating with our customers or with each other. 

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