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A complete guide on everything you need to know about Auto-Attendant…

In a world where communication is key, it’s important that you speak clearly and efficiently with your clients, so they remain clients and don’t go elsewhere. If a client (or potential client) phones in with a question, passing them from person to person until they finally get to the correct member of staff won’t create a good impression of your business. Not only does it waste their time but it wastes your time and the time of your staff. Some clients will choose to go to your competition rather than waiting around.

What if there was a way to automate the transfer process, saving both your clients and your staff hundreds of hours over a year? Well, there is – it’s called Auto-Attendant. But what is an auto attendant and how does it work? Let’s find out…

What is an Auto-Attendant?

An Auto-Attendant is an automated answering message that will greet your callers and offer them a range of options and then instantly connect callers to who they’d like to speak to.

For example:

“Thank you for calling [name of your business]… if you’d like to find out about our products or services please press 1. If you’re an existing client and would like to speak to a customer service representative please press 2. For any other enquiries, please hold and we’ll get you connected.”

What are the Benefits of Having a Phone System with an Auto-Attendant?

There are many benefits that a phone system with auto attendant can offer you. Let’s look at a few:

+ Improves Communication Between You and Your Clients

An auto-attendant will allow your clients to be connected to the correct department of your business or even a specific member of staff. Having this feature will give your clients peace of mind that they are talking to the right person to answer their questions and queries. Being transferred around on the phone is frustrating for everyone involved and it doesn’t make your business look good in the eyes of your clients. Great communication makes clients willing to spend more, as they believe that great communication means great service – American Express

+ Saves Your Staff Time

Rather than your receptionist (or reception team) having to transfer all calls on to the correct team or department, an auto-attendant will do this for you (without the £16,000+ salary). You can have your auto-attendant options connected to a direct line for a certain member of staff, such as a manager or director, or a group of phones for different departments within your business – such as finance, HR or customer services. This ensures that your clients get to speak to the right person and should save them from being passed on to the wrong person or department.

Can I Change The Recorded Message?

Changing your auto attendant message couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is tell us the message you would like to be played or, if you’re lost for words, one of our talented scriptwriters can do this for you. We will record your message and get it put in place – taking care of everything for you!

How Many Options can I Have?

You can have as many options as you need – the most popular number of options is three. But, it’s up to you and what suits the needs of your business.

Who is the Best Provider of Phone Systems with an Auto-Attendant?

At Yo Telecom, we have helped 1000s of business increase their success with our phone systems with auto attendant. Not only that, but we’ve turned customers into lifetime clients…

How Much Does This Cost?

An auto-attendant comes as standard with a Yo Telecom Phone System. We have a range of business phone system packages with features to suit all the needs of your business and it’s all covered by one bill – so there are no sneaky extra charges to worry about!

Is a Phone System with an Auto-Attendant Right for Your Business?

If you are looking to increase the success of your business and improve communication between you and your clients, then the answer is yes! I recommend booking a demo to find out:

  • How other businesses are using an auto-attendant
  • Which of your competitors are using it
  • The different options available to you

Call us on 02382 146115 to get started today!

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