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EMIS Integration
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EMIS, the clinical system, plays a pivotal part within many medical practices today. It enables seamless practice management, allowing multiple teams across multiple settings to access key information and processes. With most appointments now being held over the phone, a seamless technology setup is more important than ever. Now, what if your telephone system could link with your clinical system, EMIS… Here at Yo Telecom, our phone systems for medical practices integrate with EMIS, allowing you to save time and provide a better patient experience. 

How Does Phone System EMIS Integration Work?

– Receiving Inbound Calls

When a patient calls your practice, your phone system will automatically search your EMIS patient database for that phone number. When it finds a match, it will notify your receptionist who is calling. This all happens before the receptionist has even picked up the phone. 

Your receptionist can then greet the patient personally and complete seamless data protection confirmation in a matter of seconds. Following this, with a click of a button, they can pull up the caller’s medical records to make changes, look up test results or book an appointment. 

This integration is estimated to save between 20 and 30 seconds per call. Meaning your team can handle significantly more patient enquiries each day and reduce caller wait times. Based on the average GP practice in England having 8000 patients, this integration could save over 200 hours annually.

But, what if a patient has updated their phone number and not told the practice? When they call in their new number will not be found on the database and your receptionist will need to complete manual data protection confirmation. They can then update the phone number in the system in just a few clicks, removing the old number and replacing it with the new up-to-date contact details. This means next time they call in on their new number, their file will automatically be pulled up.

– Making Outbound Calls

When receptionists, doctors or anyone else at your practice needs to make a call to a patient they can simply click to dial. This means they can click on any phone number on their PC and it’ll dial from their business phone handset. With this EMIS integration, you can call directly from the patient database meaning there’s no typing in the incorrect number or looking through contact lists for up-to-date details. Dialling out is a seamless process. 

Why Should you Integrate your EMIS Software with Your Phone System?

+ Save Your Receptionists 20-30 Seconds Per Inbound Call

Your reception team’s time is valuable. Saving even a few minutes an hour leaves them time to carry out other crucial tasks during their day. With your phone system automatically telling you who is calling, your team will no longer have to spend time trying to understand spellings of names or correctly hearing D.O.Bs again. Handle more calls per hour and keep call queue wait times down to a minimum.

+ Create A More Seamless Patient Experience

When patients call into the practice with a query, because their file is in front of you in just one click, you can get straight to answering their questions. Whether it be checking test results, asking for help with a missing prescription or confirming the time of their appointment, your receptionist will have all of this information in front of them automatically.

+ Makes Hitting QOF Point Targets Simpler 

As part of the EMIS integration, your practice can define and upload alert lists to help with hitting QOF targets. When a patient calls in, an alert is generated and a box pops up with the prompt. This means receptionists are able to discuss the patient’s needs and book in any necessary appointments or services. So, for example, should the patient have not had a flu jab, your receptionist can identify this and offer to book them in for the vaccination. It’s important to note that you can choose what you do or don’t want to be flagged up, to avoid alert fatigue within your reception team.

+ Save Your Doctors’ Time When Triaging & Attending Telephone Appointments

With just 0.45 fully qualified GPs per 1,000 patients in England, every minute of a doctor’s clinical time is precious. Having an EMIS integration with your practice’s phone system means doctors can simply click on a number within EMIS on their PC to dial it from their handset. There’s no need to type out numbers or and risk entering them incorrectly, your doctors can get straight to helping their patients.

What Do Other Practices Think Of Our EMIS Integration?

One of the main reasons we chose Yo Telecom was that they can integrate with EMIS. This saves so much time when pulling up patient records and our entire team are raving about it. So that is a nice result. Our old BT system use to be engaged after 6 people were on the phone. Patients use to complain, especially on Monday mornings. The new phone system has call waiting, and there is practically no limit to the amount of callers.” – Kerry Ford.

To find out more about our EMIS integration, enter your contact details in the form below. Following this, one of our communication consultants will be in touch. They’ll arrange a short 15 minute demonstration and create 4 bespoke telephone packages for you to choose from. This means you only pay for what you need. 

Larger systems are installed within 7 days of placing the order, with minimal disturbance or downtime. All of our packages also include 24/7 technical support and comprehensive staff training. We understand how vital your communication system is for your practice. That’s why we’re always on hand whenever you need us.

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