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With the number of calls and voicemail messages your business receives, it’s likely that a few might go unnoticed. This might not be something that particularly worries you. But what if you’re missing valuable messages from your suppliers or staff members or, even worse, your clients or potential new clients? You could be throwing new opportunities away simply by not checking your voicemail thoroughly enough. What if there was a simple and efficient solution for this, that doesn’t involve spending lots of your time going through your answer machine. Well, there is and Yo Telecom are here to tell you all about it. Never miss out on a voicemail again with the Voicemail to Email feature of our Yo Telecom Hybrid Phone System. Let’s look at this feature in more detail.

What is Voicemail to Email?

Voicemail to email is a feature of the Yo Telecom phone system that will email you as soon as you receive a voicemail and send the message directly to your mobile phone. Allowing you to see your voicemails as soon as they happen.

What Benefits can This Feature Offer Your Business?

1. Increase Flexibility

As a business owner, director or manager we know you’ll often have very little time on your hands and facing an answer machine of voicemails each morning can be a stressful and time-consuming task. With the Yo Telecom voicemail to email feature, you can keep track of your voicemail messages no matter where you are. Whether you’re at home, on the way to work or just out and about. You can get instant notification of the message and listen to it straight away. This feature can be particularly handy if you ever need to work from home or if you have staff that work remotely. They will still be alerted of the message but do not need to be present at your building to listen to it. This helps to save you time and also increases the flexibility of where you can listen to your messages.

2. Be More Responsive

Being able to listen to your voicemail messages wherever you are also give you the ability to respond quickly. Let’s say it’s a Saturday afternoon. Your office is closed but you receive an urgent message from a potential client. In the time between the message being left and you picking up the message on Monday morning, it’s highly likely that the caller will have gone back to Google and called your competition instead, in search of a more immediate answer. But, with the voicemail to email feature, you get this message emailed straight to your phone so you can call back instantly. Showing an amazing level of customer service to your clients.

3. Easily Store Your Messages

Having your voicemail messages emailed directly to you means that you can store your messages in a folder – which you can then keep in your emails or move to your laptop, desktop or tablet. Allowing you to have an easily accessible record of all of your messages. If you ever need to re-listen to information that was given to you through voicemail you can quickly search through your folder, by date and time, to find a specific message. This will save you the time and pain of having to listen to every message on your answerphone machine over and over again.

How Much Does Voicemail to Email Cost?

Voicemail to Email is a feature that comes as standard with the Yo Telecom Hybrid Phone System. Our business phone system packages come with a range of features that, used in conjunction with voicemail to email, will help you to improve your communication and increase your success. This is all covered by one monthly bill, so there won’t be any sneaky extra charges for you to worry about. If you would like to know more about the phone systems with provide, or our pricing, please call us on 02382 146115.

Who is the Best Provider of Phone Systems with Voicemail to Email?

At Yo Telecom we have helped 1000s of businesses increase their success with our phone systems with voicemail to email. We have turned customers into lifetime clients. You can watch some Yo Telecom testimonials here. We have a solution to suit every business, no matter what industry.

3 Step Plan to Increase the Success of Your Business

1. Book a Demo

You can book in for a FREE demo of our phone systems by calling us on 02382 146115.

2. Sign up for the Option that Suits the Needs of Your Business

One of our expert telecom consultants will come to your building to discuss all of your options, until we have found the perfect solution.

3. Let us Take Care of a Hassle Free Installation & Training

Your delivery and installation date will be booked on a day that works for you. We’ll take care of the whole switch over and will train you to make the most of all of the features on your new phone system.

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