The BT Switch Off – What’s New in 2019?

bt switch off 2019
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Businesses are now just one year away from not being able to purchase PSTN and ISDN solutions from BT. 


That’s right, in 2020 BT will be starting their phase-out of traditional phone systems for businesses. This is in preparation for their big switch off in 2025. This means if you’re looking to purchase a new PSTN or ISDN system, you will no longer be able to do so. 


You may be familiar with this information from our previous blog about the BT switch off. If this is all new to you, you can read our blog by clicking here to shed some light on the situation. 


One year on from our previous blog, what’s changed and what can you now expect to happen from the BT switch off?


Let’s begin!


What we Already Know

We know from last time that BT has announced they will be shutting off their traditional PSTN and ISDN phone lines for business users in 2025. 


There have been no updates to this statement and the switch off is still planned to go ahead on schedule. 


To clear up any confusions you may have, you will still be able to purchase a landline from BT for your home but you will no longer be able to purchase a traditional landline phone system as part of a business package. 


Instead BT will be pushing their business customers towards VOIP solutions.


To help make sense of all these abbreviations you can read our guide to tricky telecoms acronyms by clicking here


What’s Changed?

It’s now 2019 which means we’re getting closer and closer to the switch off. We’re now just 6 years away and, as of 2020, BT will stop offering PSTN and ISDN as a business solution.


How will this Affect your Business?

Over 2 million business users will be affected by this change. If you’re still using a landline phone at your business, you will be most affected by this change. 

If your contract with BT is set to end in 2020 you will not be able to renew your current ISDN/PSTN contract, you will either have to swap to a VOIP contract with BT or find a new provider. 

However as there has been no new technology made for traditional lines for quite some time, it’s likely that most other providers will start ceasing their use of these lines too. 


What are your Options?

If you haven’t started already, the best thing for your business is to start looking at alternative solutions. 


There are 3 main alternatives: 

– A hosted phone system 

– A VOIP phone system 

– A hybrid phone system 


Each of these systems uses the internet to route your calls in one way or another, making them a lot more futureproof.


Which System is the Right Choice for your Business?

If you are unsure which type of system will benefit your business after the BT switch off, you can call us on 02381 103195. 


We’ll go through the needs of your business and help you to find a business telephony package to suit you. 


You can also chat with one of our expert consultants via our live chat to get your questions answered instantly. 

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