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Unsurprisingly, Microsoft Teams was one of the fastest growing applications during the pandemic. With people working remotely from all over the world, a reliable business communication environment is essential. Teams’ rapid growth has continued and in January, Microsoft officials announced that they’ve surpassed 270 million monthly active Teams users. Whilst Teams provides a fairly robust business communication solution for thousands of organisations, with Univerge Blue Connect’s Teams integration, your business can take this one step further… 

How does the Univerge Blue Connect & Microsoft Teams Integration work?

There are two different types of integration, Connect ‘WITH’ Teams and Connect ‘FOR’ Teams. 

Univerge Blue Connect ‘WITH’ Microsoft Teams

The applications run side by side – or ‘WITH’ each other. Users go to Teams for chat, meetings and to share files, and to Univerge Blue Connect for all phone related services. Connect features are accessed through the phone, desktop and mobile app and the user can sign in to both with their Microsoft 365 credentials to save time. Additionally, all Connect collaboration features (chat, meetings, and file sharing) are disabled, so users aren’t faced with two options for doing such. 

Univerge Blue Connect ‘FOR’ Microsoft Teams

Connect integrates NEC’s reliable phone services directly into the Microsoft Teams application. Users can access the advanced call capabilities through the native Teams interface with no additional training required. When users sign into Teams, they’re signing into the phone system too, and all communication tools are accessible in one place.

Not sure which solution would be better for your company? It’s also possible to have a mixture of the two types of integrations. Work flexibly and allow staff members to use the solution best suited to their needs. 



With Univerge Blue Connect & Microsoft Teams integration your business can benefit from:

Advanced Call Features

Utilise a range of call features beyond what is capable within standalone Teams and improve your business’ caller experience. With Univerge Blue Connect, your team can utilise; an auto-attendant, call queueing, automatic company-wide call recording, hunt groups, on-hold music, call routing and more. Take your business’ communication to the next level with industry-leading telephony features as an add-on to your Teams environment. 

Enhanced Call Reliability 

NEC’s Univerge Blue Connect comes complete with an industry-leading 99.999% uptime SLA. This is greater than that of Microsoft Teams. Not only that, if you have physical handsets connected to the system, if Teams goes down, your staff are still able to make and receive calls via Univerge Blue. 

Single Sign On 

With each platform or software you add to your business, creating usernames and passwords for every team member can be a hassle. With this Univerge Blue Connect and Microsoft Teams integration, staff can log into the phone system and Teams with the same credentials, saving both time and frustration. Simply use your Microsoft 365 account to log into both.

By harnessing the power of both Teams and Univerge Blue Connect, your business can accelerate its communication. Benefit from enhanced call reliability, a simple single sign-on as well as a range of advanced telephony features. To find out more about this Teams integration, enter your details in the form below. One of our specialists will be in touch! 

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