What Is Call Reporting and Why Does My Business Need It?

what is call reporting
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Business interaction has changed over the years, going from face-to-face to now being virtual over 65% of the time. One business telephony tool that can help businesses succeed with their communication is Call Reporting.

What is Call Reporting?

Call reporting is a great feature that allows you to see your call data for the day, week or month. It creates reports with statistics on call duration, agent behaviour, wait times and busy times. This allows forecasting for high volumes of calls and means you can ensure that you’re always adequately staffed.

So, why does your business need call reporting?

The Benefits of Call Reporting 

Report both inbound and outbound calls

Not only can you see the number of people calling into your business in real-time, this feature also allows you to see the number of calls your staff are individually making. Without this, staff would manually have to record when calls come in and out, which certainly isn’t the most efficient use of their time.

Examine the length of time spent on calls

If you quickly want to examine staff efficiency within your sales team, call centre or group of receptionists, call reporting is a great way to do it. You can see who is taking bookings, resolving customers’ issues and answering queries the quickest.  No customer enjoys being on the phone any longer than necessary. Reducing time spent on the phone is a great way to improve your customer’s experience and prevent callers becoming impatient. 

Linked to this, you can then see which departments and individuals are repeatedly spending a lengthy amount of time talking to customers. From this, you can provide them with further training on efficient customer handling. 

Establish how many calls you receive when out of office

If your calls don’t divert to a mobile out of hours, and people don’t leave a message, call logging allows you to see how many calls you receive when your business isn’t open. Not only does this help you understand your customers’ needs and behaviours, this can also help you make informed decisions regarding staff shifts and whether extending your opening hours might be worthwhile.

Identify your peak call times 

With doctor’s surgeries, for example, Monday mornings are particularly busy. This is because practices are closed over the weekend. To help with this, extra receptionists are often needed to help get through customer queries timely and effectively. 

With other businesses, however, these peak times are often harder to deduce. Using call reporting allows you to see when these times are allowing you to increase your workforce during these times. Departments that are usually quieter at these times can then help out, providing a much smoother customer experience throughout the day. 

This isn’t an exclusive list of call reporting benefits, and different businesses can utilise this feature within their industries in their own ways.

Looking to implement Call Reporting in your business?

If you’d like to hear how call reporting could be of benefit to your business, fill in our form below or call us on 023 8051 6980 and we’ll be happy to help! 

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