Spending more time worrying what your staff are doing than dreaming and growing your salon?

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When you started your salon, you probably did so for freedom. Now you may feel like a prisoner to the salon. Constantly having to be there to make sure it runs well. Constantly showing people how to do things, over and over again.

A lot of the salon owners I personally speak to on a day by day basis explain to me their concerns on how they run their business, and how they could personally manage their team to a higher rate of production. Unfortunately, running a salon wouldn’t be as difficult as they make it seem to be, if the salon owner just took ten minutes out of their day to step back from running their salon so they could think about their business in more ways than one, it would do the world of good.

This is where I can help.

Why are some salons more successful than others? And why do some salons fail?

The truth is, a lot of businesses fail, and salons have a higher than average fail rate when compared to other industries. But, maybe something can be done about it? Maybe, there is a way to grow a successful salon – or group of salons that will enable you to achieve your goals. Heck, it’s been done by lots of people across the globe. Here’s a natural law of life, that you’ll like. “Whatever has been done, can be done again.” So you need not worry about failure, but focus on what you can do to achieve success.

Every salon owner should ask themselves these questions on a daily or weekly basis.

Where am I going? Do I have a clearly defined goal of what I want to achieve this month? Year? Ten years?

Have I created a SALON PURPOSE (or VISION), that makes staff, clients, and owners happy? Is it well known by my staff? Customers? Owners?

Do I hire, lead, and fire to our company purpose?

Are my team providing our products and services in a way that exceeds our client’s expectations every time? How many of our clients are ‘WOWed’ so much that they urge their friends and families to become a client?

ANDY’S PRACTICAL ADVICE: At some point, today (or tomorrow), take 30 minutes during your day, go out of your daily environment (to Starbucks or something), and sit down with paper and a pencil, and write down your answers to the above questions. (If during the process if great ideas pop into mind, note them down too.) Then email the answers to me [email protected], and I’ll help you create an action plan of “What next?”

If you just ask yourself these questions and take action based on your answers, Yo Telecom and I would have achieved our purpose of increasing the success of salons.

You’re worth is determined by what you do, or what you get others to do. If you want to be no longer a prisoner of your business – freed from working in your business and able to work on your business you should ask yourself these questions every week at the minimum.

What makes salons successful?
What is a business’s biggest asset?
What can help you to achieve your goals?

Your team.

Salon owners seem to forget where the profit comes from, who will be greeting and ‘WOWing’ your clients and most importantly who will keep your salon distinct from everyone else who is standing out in the crowd (the competition).

The way you lead your team to success – QUICKLY, is by increasing your level of knowledge to understand what others have done, the difference between managing and leading, and some key – and I mean absolutely vital and used by every single hugely successful company on this planet, an understanding of the basics of purpose and guidance.

The next step after reading the first part of my blog is to contact me, this way we can discuss a variety of different topics in regards to your salon, be that:

  • What is the first thing you need to do in your journey to becoming more successful?
  • How can you monitor how your staff are promoting your products and representing your brand even when you’re not there?
  • How can you increase your average transaction value to help cash flow?
  • What can you do that would cause your clients to rave about your salon? (Off their own back!)

Increase the success of your salon today!

Call me now on 07971921210 or 02382 146115, and I’ll give you the answers to those four questions and give you any other help and advice I can offer you.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Rayner

Salon Communications Consultant

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