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Choosing a new phone system for your business can be an overwhelming task. With so many different types and so many different providers, how do you choose the right one? Yo Telecom is here to make this decision a bit easier by giving you a comprehensive guide to buying a new business phone system.

In this article, we will cover things you will need to consider when updating your phone system, such as; important questions to ask yourself and your team, the different types of phone system and their pros and cons.

Before you get caught up in the nitty-gritty of comparing prices and phone system providers, there are 6 simple questions you need to ask yourself that might give you a better understanding of what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for it.

1. What do you want the system to do that your current system doesn’t?

The answer to this question is going to vary widely from person to person. Make a note of the main things that pop into your mind. We commonly see things like:

  • Improved reliability
  • Easier to use
  • Automated answering messages
  • Ability to record and listen to calls
  • Cordless phones that work everywhere in your building

2. How many calls do you need to be able to make/receive at one time?

Do you currently get suggestions from your customers or staff that your lines are frequently engaged? Could these engaged tones be making you lose business? Estimate the number of calls you think would realistically happen at any given time and make note of that. When you enquire with a business phone system provider make sure you let them know what this number is.

3. How many cordless/static handsets do you need?

The number of handsets you need will all depend on the size of your business, how many members of staff you have and how many calls you need to make and receive each day at any given time. Whether you need cordless or fixed handsets will depend on whether your staff need the ability to move around your building and still be able to take calls. If your staff are mostly based at their desk, you may just want to stick with fixed handsets. If you own a business where your staff need to move around, such as a care home or hotel, you’ll probably want some cordless handsets.

4. Will you need to add more lines/extensions as you grow?

If you intend to grow your company within the next few years, this is something you will need to consider when getting a phone system. If you are expanding and onboarding new staff as a result, it’s likely that you will need to add more phone lines to your existing set-up – so you need to invest in a phone system that will support this.

5. Do you want to pay an all-inclusive flat monthly rate?

Paying a monthly flat rate means that you will pay the same amount each month for your complete phone package (line rentals, calls, phone system and handsets) so you know exactly what you’re paying and when. You can easily plan this into your budget and there are no sneaky extra costs.

6. Does reliability take priority over cost?

You can pay slightly less to try and save on costs and get a phone system that’s not as reliable (pure VOIP or Cloud-based systems) – which may keep you going but there is a higher risk of your lines cutting out and having downtime, which doesn’t look good to your clients. Imagine the cost to your business if your phone system completely cut out for just a day and you couldn’t make or receive calls at all. You could miss out on so many valuable enquiries. Take it into consideration that paying a little bit less could cost your business a lot of money in the future if it ever went down.

Phone Systems – the Basics

There are three main types of phone system that are available on the market:

  • Digital phone systems
  • Internet (VOIP or Cloud) phone systems
  • Hybrid phone systems

Digital Phone Systems

Digital phone systems are physical phone systems based in your building. They are small boxes that are usually mounted on a wall or placed in a cabinet. They connect to your phone lines and all the handsets you have in your business.

Internet (VOIP) Phone Systems

An internet, or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), phone system is a virtual phone system. Also commonly known as a Cloud Phone System. Rather than being based in your building, it will be based in a data centre somewhere in the world and your calls will be routed in and out via the internet.

Hybrid Phone Systems

The hybrid phone system is a mixture of a digital phone system and an internet, VOIP, phone system. It can offer you reliability and ease of use as well as flexibility and innovation – making it the best of both worlds! If your main line ever has a fault, it will automatically route calls in and out through a backup line. Meaning you can make and receive calls at all times! The Hybrid phone system is more reliable and better value for money than both VOIP and Digital Phone Systems.

How can the Hybrid Phone System Help Your Business?

  • Reduce Missed Calls

By missing a call, you’re potentially missing an opportunity. This is where the Call Logging feature of the Yo Telecom phone system comes in handy. It works just like the call log on your mobile phone, notifying you as soon as you receive a missed call so you can take action and call back straight away. This will allow you to turn that potential missed opportunity into a booked appointment.

  • Improve the Communication of Your Staff

Monitor and Improve the way your staff are interacting with your clients using Call Recording. Call Recording is a feature that records all of your calls, both inbound and outbound, so you can listen to them whenever you need them. By listening to your calls you can work out what your staff do well on the phone and where they could improve. If a caller has a bad experience with you on the phone it can be damaging to your reputation, so it’s important you make sure your staff are communicating in a professional and helpful manner.

  • Say Goodbye to the Engaged Tone

There is nothing worse than dialling a number only to be greeted with the dreaded engaged tone because the person, or company, you are trying to call is busy on the line. When your clients call you and they get an engaged tone, it doesn’t create the best impression and, chances are, they will end up hanging up and calling your competition instead – in search of an immediate answer. With our phone systems with Call Waiting, your phone system will let your callers know you’re busy and put them in a queue. You can even play some marketing messages or music while they wait for you.

  • Entertain Your Callers While They are on Hold

Keep your callers entertained while they wait on hold for you by playing them some marketing messages. This is a great time to give your callers a better understanding of the products and services you provide. Or you can use this time to advertise any special deals and offers you have. Whatever you want to promote, our talented team can write and record your messages for you! Alternatively, we’ll find the perfect piece of music for you! It’s up to you and the needs of your business.

Due to its reliability and range of awesome features, the hybrid phone system is the best choice for your business!

If you would like to learn more about our business phone system packages, you can call us on 02382 146115.

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