Why you Need to Sort Your Business Voicemail…Quick!

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Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

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Having a business voicemail (or professional voicemail) set up is an absolute essential. You’ll have hundreds of calls into your business each day, but what happens when you’re away from your desk, on lunch or closed? These precious calls will likely go to waste and when every call is a potential sale or booking you could be losing out on some serious money. You need a voicemail service so your customers have a way to contact you at all times. In this article, we will discuss what voicemail is, how it will benefit your business and how you can get in place…now!

What is a Business Voicemail?

A business voicemail (also known as a professional voicemail) is an automated messaging service that kicks in when you are not available to answer the phone.

Why do you Need a Business Voicemail?

+ Give a Great First Impression to Your Callers

Often your voicemail message is the first contact your callers will have with your business. If your voicemail is too casual or lacks important information, its highly likely that this will put your callers off leaving a message – and if this is a new enquiry, chances are they will head straight back to Google to try one of your competitors instead and you miss out on that business.

However, if your voicemail message is informative, easy to understand and professional in tone this will create a great first impression of your business and your callers will be more than happy to leave a message.

+ Get More Bookings (and More Revenue)

Say a customer is calling you to make an appointment out of hours. If they call you and are greeted with no answer, this doesn’t look great and 9/10 times they won’t sit around calling and calling trying to get an answer. Instead, they’ll go in search of someone who can give them an immediate answer. When you have a professional voicemail your callers will be greeted with a message explaining why you can’t take their call, making them more likely to leave a message with their enquiry. You can return in the morning, hear their message, call them back and get that appointment booked in straight away. Or, if you love delivering super fast service to your customers, you can have your voicemails emailed directly to your phone. So you can respond to enquiries at all times!

What Should you Include in Your Business Voicemail Message?

When your customers call in to your business, they’ll be trying to get their questions answered. If you can’t take their call at that time, it’s important they know:

  • They have called the right place
  • Why their call can’t be taken (are you closed, on lunch etc)
  • The best time to contact you (opening hours)
  • Alternative methods of contacting you (website, email, emergency number etc)

It’s good to keep your voicemail up to date, so if there are changes to your normal schedule (such as Christmas or summer holidays) your voicemail message to correspond with these changes.

How do you get a Business Voicemail set up?

Getting a business voicemail in place couldn’t be easier with a Yo Telecom phone system. We’ll do all the hard work for you! Simply let us know the messages you need (or we can give you help and guidance if you’re lost for words) and we’ll get them professionally recorded and uploaded to your system. We have a range of famous voice actors and background music for you to choose from! It’s up to you and what you feel best suits the needs of your business.

How can you Find out More?

Want to know more about our phone systems with professional voicemail?

Call us on 02382 146115 to speak to one of our expert consultants and to book in your free demonstration of our phone systems.

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