Why We’ve Given Yo Telecom A Total Brand Refresh

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Companies often evolve as they become more established and Yo Telecom is no different. Whilst our overall business’ purpose hasn’t changed, nor our main service, we’ve expanded in lots of ways over the last eight years. Yes, we still sell business phones and WiFi to SMEs in the UK, but that is not all that we do.

So, in line with this, and just to modernise the brand more generally, we decided to give Yo Telecom a bit of a facelift. Our in-house marketing team has been working hard pulling it all together over the last few months, so, in this post, we thought we’d outline the reasons for our brand refresh…

Why We’ve Given Yo A Total Brand Refresh

– To Better Represent Who We Are Now

Our business has come a long way since we were founded back in April 2013. We’ve grown from 2 employees all the way up to 80, and since then have (naturally) taken a far more corporate direction. The new logo and branding is far more professional looking and this is exactly where we are going to take the business in the coming years. The new logo certainly better represents the Yo Telecom we are today!

– To Modernise Our Branding And Keep It Current

Design styles and trends change over time and our logo was no longer looking modern. As well as this, whilst our website was fit for purpose it certainly wasn’t the user-friendly, slick website it could be. So, we decided to give all of our branding a bit of a shakeup to stop it from becoming stale. The new logo is both more modern and more corporate, and we’re very pleased with it!

– To Allow For Evolution Into New Areas

A fresh new look creates an opportunity to try new things and move into new areas. As our company continues to grow, this new logo will allow us to become established in new sectors and grow our presence as a household name. 

TLDR; Essentially, we felt that our company’s look needed a bit of a modern overhaul so that’s exactly what we did! We hope you love it as much as we do, we’re very pleased with our new look!

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