Yo Telecom Careers: Why work here?

Yo Telecom Why Work Here
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Max Tomaszewski

Marketing Coordinator

Thinking of joining the Yo Telecom team? This post will give you a few ideas about what it’s like and what Yo Telecom is all about!

Yo Telecom Careers: Why work here?

– Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Motivation is an employee’s intrinsic enthusiasm and drive within a company, therefore it is important for us to inspire employee motivation to create a work environment that is both likely to produce the best outcomes while creating a balance of results and job satisfaction. With networking opportunities, and the ability to climb the career ladder, Yo Telecom provides the ideal place to do this.

It’s also important to help build positive working relationships by giving regular feedback to create a strong dynamic team and regular employee interaction opportunities for maximised job satisfaction. While employees are viewed as assets, Yo Telecom works hard to treat employees well for increased job satisfaction. Here at Yo Telecom, we focus on creating a good working environment through the use of goals and comfortable space.

– Culture and Values

At Yo Telecom, we realise that building a good work environment where people can grow is crucial for employees, making it part of the culture. Yo Telecom is powered by purpose. That purpose is to help businesses increase their success while using our core values. It is important that employees know and understand these core values to guide and inspire how the team behaves.

– Core Values

  • Go Above and Beyond With Service To WOW Everyone
  • Inspire and Lift The Spirits of The World
  • Be Passionate, Determined and Courageous
  • Dream and Live Big
  • Persistence Beats Resistance, Keep On Going
  • Be Loyal, Honest and Humble
  • Make Good Works Well Known
  • See “Problems” as Challenges, Face Them With Optimism
  • Learn, Use and Share Good Knowledge
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

– Employees

As employees are viewed as assets, their value is recognised as every employee has influence over customer relationships which is why time is invested into keeping the team equipped and informed. Studies show that employee interaction is beneficial to both well-being and productivity, therefore, open spaces and ‘chill’ areas are provided for increased employee satisfaction.

If you like what Yo Telecom are all about then have a look at our careers page and apply!

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