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Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

Marketing Coordinator

We have helped over 400 care homes improve their success by bringing their phone and WiFi systems into the 21st Century. We could tell you how great our care home phone and WiFi systems are, but here at Yo Telecom one of our Core Values is to be loyal, honest and humble – so we thought we would let our customers do the talking. We caught up with Jay Heath from Landermeads Care Home, an outstanding CQC rated care home who have recently upgraded to a Yo Telecom phone and WiFi system.

Since the installation, Jay and the team at Landermeads have had some great results.

Let’s find out how the Yo Telecom phone and WiFi system has helped them improve the success of their care home.

What Made You Reach Out to Yo Telecom?

“We had quite a few people here who talked about the lack of cordless phones in the building. We had certain spots in the building where we couldn’t always get the phone to someone wanting to speak to a relative…

I had people asking me why? ‘Why can’t I speak to my loved one in their room?’ So I needed to find a solution.

In regards to the WiFi side of it, a lot of people who live here have family that live far away so rely on Skype or FaceTime and that wasn’t always being provided to them because of the lack of WiFi…

I’d say we were quite old fashioned before Yo Telecom”

The Building is Quite Large and There Were Just Certain Areas That Didn’t Get WiFi or Phone Signal, is That Right?

“Yeah we had our phone docks in the main three areas of the building which could stretch 20/30 meters from each office area. We couldn’t go upstairs to bedrooms that were 30 – 50 meters away…

If we were speaking to a doctor and someone was stuck in a bedroom, we couldn’t always get the phone up there.

Our struggle was getting the distance covered with the phones but also making sure our WiFi was covered so that everyone could use Skype or FaceTime.”

How Has it Been Since We Put in the New WiFi and Phone Systems?

“Fantastic! Like I said before, we had a few people suggesting we should always have WiFi available. People from abroad would phone and ask to speak to a resident on FaceTime and we struggled to get make that happen…

Since the new system has been in place I’ve had nothing but compliments and good reviews. It’s been very positive for us as it’s brought us into the 21st century…

It’s helped us out in terms of how we market ourselves as well, we give everyone who lives here the freedom to use phones everywhere or WiFi everywhere…

We use iPads so residents have a different interaction, rather than than just one to one care all the time and we struggled getting connection. But since the Yo Telecom system has been put in place, everyone can use them wherever they want.”

What Software Do You Use?

It’s an iPad with dementia friendly technology so that people can interact with things on there – it makes your mind tick. It gives both residents and staff the opportunity to use technology.

What Advice Would You Give to a Care Home Looking to Get a Yo Telecom Phone and WiFi System?

“I’d say jump into it! Go head first into it!

I’m not saying that care homes aren’t always in the 21st century or they aren’t always up to date with technology but we always thought we didn’t need that kind of thing because we were happy with the standard of care we give.

Since we’ve put the new WiFi and phone system in – people have been given much more freedom and they have more to do in their spare time…

So I’d say to people get involved. It was massive benefit for us and I hope it can be for others as well.”

What Do You Think About a Care Home With a Yo Telecom Phone and WiFi system Vs a Care Home Without?

“We were quite naive, we weren’t very up to date with the 21st century in terms of having WiFi everywhere, before we spoke to Yo Telecom.

We always thought that because our one to one care is fantastic, technology wouldn’t have time or space in our day, but having used it – it makes a huge difference in the standard of care people get here…

You’ve changed me now – I’ll always sway towards having technology in care homes now”

What Does the Future Hold for Landermeads?

“We’re quite proud of where we are. We’re quite fortunate in terms of having a waiting list and a large enquiry list so having our home brought into the 21st century with technology, phones and everything up to date just makes us that little bit better.”

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If your care home is suffering any of the problems that Landermeads were facing before they switched to a Yo Telecom phone and WiFi system, I suggest you give us a call now on 02382 146115 or email us at [email protected] to see how we can help you improve the success of your care home.

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