4 Reasons Your Business Needs On-Hold Messages/Marketing

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Did you know that more than 70% of business calls are placed on hold? Usually for an average of 45 seconds (AT&T). With this in mind, it’s important that you properly utilise the time your callers spend on hold. On-hold messages and marketing could be the missing piece of the puzzle your business needs to help increase its success! If you’re thinking of implementing on-hold messages, this is the article for you!

Here’s just 4 reasons why you need to get this in place:

1. Set a Professional and Informative Tone

With messages on hold, you can introduce your business and give your callers a positive first impression. If a potential new customer is calling you for the first time to enquire about using your products and services, it’s important your messages are helpful and informative. This is the first impression they will have of your business so you need to make sure you’re starting things on the right note. You can also give any important information that will make the call quick and easy once they are connected. For example, you could have a message to tell your callers to have their account number or booking reference to hand.

2. Gain Extra Revenue by Promoting Your Products

Instead of throwing money away by leaving your callers in silence, cash in on some extra revenue with on-hold marketing! When your customers are on hold, they are a captive audience* and you need to make the most of this. You’re already in a good position, the caller has chosen to call your business so is already showing interest. Give them the nudge they need by advertising your services while they wait for their call to be connected. Callers that are more informed about what you provide and the benefits it could bring to them are more likely to make a purchase. A recent Telemarketing Magazine Survey showed that 1 in 5 people made a purchase or decision based on information they heard.

*an audience that has no choice but to listen or observe.

3. Entertain Your Callers

By leaving your callers in silence while they wait on hold, they can often think that they have been cut off. Due to things like this, 60% of callers will hang up and 30% of these will not call you back (AT&T). Even a simple message letting them know you’re aware they are waiting and you appreciate their patience can help to retain your callers. Although you want to keep your callers interested, it’s still important that the tone of your messages suits the tone of your business. For example, if you own a nursery you’ll want your messages to be fun and upbeat. Whereas if you own a medical practice you will want your messages to take a more helpful and informative approach.

4. Keep Your Customers Updated

Your callers can get frustrated if they keep calling and calling only to find out you were actually closed and there was no indication of this. You can use your on hold messages to alert your callers of any seasonal updates. With Yo Telecom, changing your messages couldn’t be easier! If you need to update your opening times for Christmas, Easter, bank holidays or staff training it’s simple. Just let us know and we’ll do the rest for you!

How can you get This in Place at Your Business?

On-hold messages and marketing come as standard with a Yo Telecom phone system, so make the switch today!

You can call us on 02380 516986 to discuss how we can help your business.

You can also hear how we’ve helped other business’s, directly from our clients, over on our YoTelecom YouTube Channel.

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