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We know that running a restaurant can be a very stressful job! That’s why we are committed to making things as easy as possible for you with our restaurant phone systems. Despite it going hand-in-hand with success, communication is often overlooked and under-appreciated. To guarantee the long-term success of your restaurant, it’s important you make great communication a priority, as this is what forms a memorable customer experience.

You’ll be glad to hear that the Yo Telecom restaurant phone system will help make your communication great and as a result will help you increase the success of your restaurant! Here’s how:

1. See every Missed Call, Ring Back, Increase Bookings, Direct From Your Restaurant Phone System

You may find yourself missing the odd call here and there. Maybe you’re busy with guests, temporarily closed or even already on the phone. These things happen. The real problem is that unanswered calls, voicemails and engaged tones mean that your hungry, potential customer is now one internet search away from having a list of alternatives (your competitors) to choose from.

Let’s say you lose one customer a day due to missed calls. Across the 365 days of the year, that’s a lot of missed business. Especially if you then times that number by your restaurant’s average bill amount. This is a considerable amount of lost revenue you could have avoided just from having one of the many features of an updated restaurant phone system – especially considering that’s from just one missed call a day.

In busy periods, such a Christmas, it’s likely that you’ll miss more than just the one. However, there’s hope! This feature is called call logging. It logs and displays the phone number (and/or names of the caller) along with the time and date they’ve called you. It works exactly like the call log would work on your mobile phone, alerting you of the missed call, so you can take informed action and turn a potential missed opportunity into a booking.

2. Build Relationships with Existing Customers Using Customer Name Display™

You probably use a reservation management software like Welcome Table or OpenTable which contains a database of all your customers. The Yo Telecom restaurant phone system has the ability to instantly match your customer’s phone number to the record in your software, which will display their name, before picking up the phone. This will not only save you time having to ask for names, or even spellings, but also gives you the right information to greet them personally on arrival.

This feature is huge for the customer experience as forming these kinds of relationships with your patrons is what helps keep bringing them back.

3. Improved Customer Relations with a Professional Out-of-Hours Voicemail

A great way to increase your customer service, and also gain a few more bookings, is to start offering an out-of-hours number to your customers.

Our restaurant phone system comes with Professional Out-of-Hours Voicemail, where you can:

  1. Instantly get all your voicemail messages emailed to you – enabling you to take action right away.
  2. Provide customers with the option to press a button and be connected to the restaurant owner or manager, in the times you are willing to give out of hours service.

Overall, this keeps more customers happy and helps you never miss a booking!

4. Have Your Restaurant Phone System Promote To On-Hold Customers

Occasionally, you will need to put customers on hold and we all know how frustrating this can be. When this inevitably does happen, you should ensure that they aren’t met with the standard, tedious, repetitive music. Or even worse – silence!

Over 85% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence” – Cellular Marketing Magazine.

You can now turn this problem into an opportunity with on-hold marketing messages. With this you can not only solve the tedium of hold times but also promote your current offers, seasonal events/bookings or even your social media pages. Yo Telecom’s on-hold marketing messages are tailored and scripted toward the goals of your restaurant.

5. Say Goodbye to the Dreaded Engaged Tone Once and for all

Traditional analogue lines are only able to make or receive one call at any given time. So when you’re busy on the phone, your line will be engaged. This means that potential customers will be met with the dreaded engaged tone before being abruptly cut-off. This is a problem for both you and the customer as this is another opportunity lost.  

With a Yo Telecom restaurant phone system, you can choose the right amount of inbound lines available on your main phone number. For smaller restaurants, this might be two, but it could be as many as 6+. So instead of your customers hearing an engaged tone while you’re busy, they’ll hear a professional message letting them know you’re busy on all your phones and reassuring them that you will be with them soon! You can then even give customers the option to press 1 and leave a message if they’d prefer.

So, Where To Start…

3 Step Plan to Increase the Success of Your Restaurant

1. Book a Demo

Book a FREE demo for one of our restaurant phone systems by calling us on 02382 146115.

2. Sign up for the Option that Suits the Needs of Your Restaurant

One of our specialist consultants will then come to your restaurant and work with you to find the perfect options for you and your restaurants specific needs and requirements.

3. We’ll Take Care of a Hassle Free Installation & Training

Your delivery and installation date will be booked in for a day that suits you. We’ll take care of the entire switch over, without any disruptions to your business. Our engineer can then work with you and your new system, training you to make the most of all of the features on your new restaurant phone system!


If you’d like to know more about anything discussed in this article & find out more about our restaurant phone system; please call us on 02382 146115 or email [email protected]

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