Strategies for a Productive First Contact with your Clients

Take time to focus on the First Contact with Clients, so you can adjust the customer experience (CX) strategy to provide the best service. Regular clients are easy and enjoyable to work with. They are familiar with your company, have a good knowledge of your products and services, and are willing to forgive agents minor […]

8 Compelling Reasons UK SMEs Need an Internet-Based Calling System Before The BT Switch Off 2025

With the impending switch off of the BT landline system, business owners across the UK are tasked with finding a worthy replacement for their telecommunication needs. From cost-saving measures, improving efficiency, to streamlining workflows, the benefits of turning to an internet-based calling system are too substantial to ignore. Here, we’ve explored eight compelling reasons why […]

What Is The Best WiFi System For Gyms?

gym wifi

Popularity around gyms has skyrocketed. Health, fitness, and wellbeing have all become major trends, and don’t seem to be slowing down. This means gym owners are competing for custom more than ever before, kitting their premises with the best facilities and utilities. One feature that has become an expectation for customers is a good WiFi […]

What Is The Best WiFi System For Your Hotel?

wifi system hotels

Free Wi-Fi has become a standard in almost every hotel. According to HotelChatter, 94% of people consider Wi-Fi the most important hotel amenity. Research also suggests that guests who don’t have Wi-Fi during their stay are more likely to write negative reviews. Not only is it expected by guests, we also know that staff rely […]

5 Ways To Get Ahead With Your Restaurant Phone System

restaurant phone system

We know that running a restaurant can be a very stressful job! That’s why we are committed to making things as easy as possible for you with our restaurant phone systems. Despite it going hand-in-hand with success, communication is often overlooked and under-appreciated. To guarantee the long-term success of your restaurant, it’s important you make […]

5 Benefits of WiFi Data Capture for Restaurants

Pubs, bars and restaurants not having free guest WiFi in 2020 is almost unheard of. A good connection is almost always expected and is just seen as an extra part of any dining experience. Whether it be for ‘checking in’ on Facebook or for googling an unknown ingredient, visitors often rely on a WiFi connection […]

What Is The Best Phone System For Restaurants?

So, you’re looking for a new phone system for your restaurant… Perhaps you’re stuck with an outdated system, you’re overpaying for poor service or you’re just starting up a new business. Here at Yo Telecom, we’re here to help. We’ve supported many businesses in increasing their success using their telecoms. So, in this post we’re […]

What Is The Best WiFi System For Restaurants?

wifi system for restaurants

When running or opening a restaurant, there are many different things to consider and organise. From ingredient suppliers to staffing arrangements, finding a good WiFi connection should be one of the easiest ones. This is why, here at Yo, we supply the best WiFi system for restaurants with 100% coverage and 24/7 in-house tech support […]

3 Benefits of WiFi Data Capture for Hotels

wifi data capture for hotels

It’s 2020 and we’re more connected than ever. When was the last time you visited a bar or restaurant that didn’t offer a free internet connection to its visitors? But, what if you could offer free guest WiFi and actually receive something in return… Enter WiFi Data Capture for Hotels.  What is WiFi Data Capture? […]

How WiFi Data Capture can Help Increase the Success of Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you’re probably aware of how important WiFi is to your business. Many of your customers nowadays will not just want free WiFi, but will expect it from you and may even favour going to other restaurants simply because they have WiFi. What if there was a way for you to use […]

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