5 Ways Business Phone Systems Help Accountants Succeed

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A phone system in 2021 is more than just a tool used to make and receive calls. With a business phone system you can utilise a wide range of additional features to create a bespoke system designed to increase your business’ success. Here at Yo Telecom, we’ve helped a wide range of accountants uplevel their communication, and their business, using one of our phone systems. So, in this post, we’re going to outline 5 ways that business phone systems help accountants succeed…

5 Ways Business Phone Systems Help Accountants Succeed

01. See All Missed Calls, Call Them Back And Increase Your Bookings

Ensure your business never misses another opportunity again with Missed Call Tracking. See not only when you missed a call but who the call was from. Just like on a mobile, see all of your missed calls in a list and click them to call them back. If you miss a call from an existing customer you will then be able to call them back, greet them with their name, and wow them with your exceptional service. Should the call be from a prospective client, call them back before they’ve googled other accountancy firms in your area and spoken to one of your competitors.

2. Improve The Communication Skills of Your Staff

First impressions count. When you get a new enquiry at your accountancy firm, it’s important that your team provides helpful and informative communication. In recent research, the Journal of Services Marketing found that “High quality communication implies a high level of service” – is your communication high quality? How can you be sure?

This is where call recording is extremely valuable. It enables you to review all of your teams’ calls on the phone. You can then use these recordings to guide your team on how to better communicate about your products and services in future conversations with callers. You can also play great examples of calls within staff training exercises to guide staff members on what they should be saying to clients.

3. Get More Bookings With A Professional Out-of-Hours Voicemail

Should a client call and leave a message over the weekend, when will your team be able to handle their enquiry? Often with traditional phone systems, you won’t find out until Monday morning and by then your prospective client has found another accountant in their area. Don’t let this happen to your business.

With Yo’s Professional Out-of-Hours Voicemail, you can;

  1. Instantly get all your voicemail messages emailed to you, enabling you to take action right away.
  2. Give clients the option to press a button to be connected to an out-of-hours accountant (But only in the hours you are willing to provide this service)

4. Promote Services To Clients While They Are On Hold

Putting callers on hold is often unavoidable. Don’t make your clients sit in silence, or worse listen to the dreaded beeps, whilst waiting to have their query answered. Research by Cellular Marketing Magazine has found that over 85% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence.

Hold times are a great opportunity for you to promote and educate clients on the services that you offer. Here at Yo, we professionally record all of your business’ audio branding to ensure that the messages are perfectly aligned with your business’ goals. For accountancy firms, your messages could include reminders of important dates in the financial year and upsell additional services you provide.

5. Say Goodbye to the Dreaded Engaged Tone Once and for All

Traditional analogue lines can only make or receive one call at any given time. So, when your team are busy on the phone, your line will be engaged. This means clients will be abruptly cut off by an engaged tone, leaving them wondering if your accountancy firm just doesn’t want their business. Not only is it frustrating for the client, who is often calling to make an appointment, but it’s also frustrating for you as you don’t want to be missing out on opportunities.

With the Yo Telecom phone system for professional services, you can choose the number of inbound lines available on your main phone number. For smaller firms, this might be two, but it can be as many as 6+. So, instead of your clients hearing engaged tones when you’re busy, they’ll hear a professional message letting them know you’re on a call but will be with them soon. You can even give clients the option to press 1 and leave a message if they don’t have time to wait.

Interested in getting a new business phone system set up at your accountancy firm? Just drop your details in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

You can also hear how we’ve helped other business’s, directly from our clients, over on our YoTelecom YouTube Channel.

P.S. Stuck in a contract with a current provider? No worries, we can help you with that!

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