Strategies for a Productive First Contact with your Clients

Take time to focus on the First Contact with Clients, so you can adjust the customer experience (CX) strategy to provide the best service. Regular clients are easy and enjoyable to work with. They are familiar with your company, have a good knowledge of your products and services, and are willing to forgive agents minor […]

8 Compelling Reasons UK SMEs Need an Internet-Based Calling System Before The BT Switch Off 2025

With the impending switch off of the BT landline system, business owners across the UK are tasked with finding a worthy replacement for their telecommunication needs. From cost-saving measures, improving efficiency, to streamlining workflows, the benefits of turning to an internet-based calling system are too substantial to ignore. Here, we’ve explored eight compelling reasons why […]

Telecoms & Real Estate: Improving Connectivity for Property Management

real estate telecoms

Telecoms in real estate is not merely about connecting people—it’s about weaving a web of connectivity that enhances property management in ways previously unimagined.  In this blog, we delve into the pivotal role of telecoms within the real estate landscape, exploring its profound impact on property management. From the backbone of communication infrastructures to the […]

Is VoIP the best phone System for Estate Agents?

phone system for estate agents

So you’re looking for a new phone system for your estate agency? Is VoIP the best option? What are the alternatives? This blog should hopefully answer that question and more!  Maybe you’re facing one of these problems with your current phone system: You feel that frequent engaged tones may be leading to frustrated clients and […]

Touchstone Property Management | Customer Testimonial

Just over two years ago, we installed a new Yo telephone system for Touchstone Property Management in Bath. “When Chris from Yo first visited our offices, I said you’ll never get a phone system in here because we just have NO connection” So, a few years into their contract, we travelled to Bath to see […]

What Is The Best Phone System for Schools?

phone system for schools

So, you’re looking at a new phone system for schools… Perhaps you’re working with an outdated analogue system, maybe you’re struggling with a poor connection in certain parts of your premises, or even just paying too much money for poor service. Whatever your circumstance, we know just how important efficient communication and a good phone […]

3 Ways Accountant’s Phone Systems Can Increase Their Revenue

accountants phone system increase revenue

Whether you operate a small one-man-band or employ a vast team across multiple sites, it’s important to always be finding new ways to increase your accountancy firm’s revenue. When deciding how to grow their business, many people turn to social media adverts or distributing leaflets in their local area. But, what if your phone system […]

What Is The Best Phone System For Hybrid Working?

With the government encouraging people to gradually go back to the office over the coming weeks, it’s likely that hybrid working will rise in popularity. Whilst it has many benefits, it can cause logistical issues, particularly for businesses that aren’t utilising the latest technology. With employees working from various locations, as well as from the […]

5 Ways Business Phone Systems Help Accountants Succeed

A phone system in 2021 is more than just a tool used to make and receive calls. With a business phone system you can utilise a wide range of additional features to create a bespoke system designed to increase your business’ success. Here at Yo Telecom, we’ve helped a wide range of accountants uplevel their […]

What is the Best Phone System for Law Firms?

When running a busy law firm, there’s lots to think about. From managing your staff to creating legal documents and liaising with clients, but, what about your telecoms? Whether it’s to communicate with clients, schedule appointments or talk internally with team members, having a reliable phone system is imperative to the success of any law […]

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