3 Ways Accountant’s Phone Systems Can Increase Their Revenue

accountants phone system increase revenue
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Whether you operate a small one-man-band or employ a vast team across multiple sites, it’s important to always be finding new ways to increase your accountancy firm’s revenue. When deciding how to grow their business, many people turn to social media adverts or distributing leaflets in their local area. But, what if your phone system – a key piece of technology your business uses everyday – could help you do that? Here are 3 ways accountants can use their phone system to increase their revenue…

3 Ways Accountants Can Use Their Phone System To Increase Their Revenue

01. Promote And Upsell Services Using On Hold Marketing

Callers on hold are a captive audience. Whether they’re waiting to get through to you or to be transferred to a member of the team, their time spent on hold is valuable. By playing professionally recorded messages (accompanied by music) you can not only keep your callers entertained, reducing the likelihood of them hanging up, but also advertise your services. Whether it be upselling a premium package or promoting a current offer, using your time on hold to promote your business is an effective way to increase your revenue. Not only that, with your messages playing automatically for every caller, it’s a simple and cost effective way to promote your services to those most interested in them – those in contact with your business already!

02. Increase Your Client Base With Missed Call Tracking

If your team is busy and away from the phone, what happens to any calls that come into your business? Do you have a way of tracking all of the calls in and out? Get back to all of your missed calls and increase your client base with Missed Call Tracking. People are only a search away from contacting another accountancy firm in your area, getting back to them as soon as your team is available is an easy way to ensure your callers don’t end up contacting one of your local competitors. With a list of missed calls produced automatically (just like you’d see on a mobile phone), it’s easy to get in touch with everyone who has contacted your business via phone. Just click their number and get straight to handling their enquiry.

03. Handle Enquiries Any Time With An Out Of Hours Voicemail 

Should your business receive a call from a current or prospective client looking for some last minute help at the weekend, does your firm have a way of handling these enquiries? Rather than wondering if you ought to pop into the office to check your telephone system, this innovative feature allows your business to take voicemails whilst you’re out of office and have them delivered directly to your mobile or laptop. Instantly get all your voicemail messages emailed to you, enabling you to take action right away and help clients whenever needed. You can also give clients the option to press a button to be connected to an out-of-hours accountant (only in the hours you are willing to provide this service) if you find a need for this during busy periods in the tax year, for example. With an out of hours voicemail you can listen to what your customers have to say and decide on the best course of action, all without needing to be in the office.

With a telephone system being a tool that your business is likely to already be paying for, why not upgrade your system to one that helps you increase your accountancy firm’s revenue? Switching to a Yo system (with all of the features mentioned in this post) is quick and simple, and might even save you money. Just enter your details in the form below and one of our communication consultants will be in touch.

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