What is the Best Phone System for Opticians?

best phone system for opticians
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Perhaps the phone system in your opticians is a little outdated and you’re curious what other features are now available? Or, you’re unhappy with the customer service given by your current provider? Or are experiencing any number of these issues:

  • Your customers are getting frustrated when the line is frequently engaged as they try to book an eye test or follow up appointment with one of your optometrists.
  • Your current phone system doesn’t link with your opticians software so you’re manually having to retrieve customers’ details whilst they’re on the line, wasting time that could have been spent delivering excellent customer service.
  • You’ve had some issues mishearing people’s details and would like to be able to listen back to your calls but you can’t.

Yo Telecom are here to help! 

We specialise in bridging the gap between businesses and their customers and in this post we’ll outline the best phone system for Opticians having outlined the pros and cons of all of the other systems currently available on the market. 


Types of Phone Systems: 

There are three main types of telephone systems available:

  • Digital phone systems
  • Internet based (or VoIP; Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems 
  • Hybrid phone systems 


Digital Phone Systems for Opticians 

A digital phone system has a physical phone system located somewhere in the building. It consists of a small box which connects to your phone lines and all of the handsets in your building. The benefit of a digital phone system is it’s very reliable. It uses the physical phone lines so doesn’t solely rely on an internet connection. This, however, has its disadvantages because it isn’t future proof. 

VoIP Phone Systems for Opticians

Are internet based phone systems and can also be known as cloud-based phone systems. These do not have a physical system in your building, rather, a VoIP system is located in a data centre somewhere in the world. One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP system is that it can save you money on call charges. A disadvantage of a VoIP based system, however, is that they aren’t as reliable as the other systems available. If your internet connection cuts out or slows down at peak times the usability of your phone decreases.

Hybrid Phone Systems for Opticians

The hybrid phone system is a mixture of a digital phone system and a VoIP phone system. The hybrid system is located in your premises and offers full flexibility, allowing a choice of fixed or cordless handsets. The greatest benefit of a hybrid phone system is that it offers you more reliability than any other type of system. If one type of line fails for you (i.e. analogue or internet), it can automatically route calls in and out through the other.

Features for Opticians: 

A hybrid phone system also offers a range of other innovative features that are beneficial for Opticians:  

Optician Management Software Integration:

All of our phone software can link with platforms such as Optisoft. The benefit of this is that customer records and appointments are linked to their phone numbers. This saves both you and your customer time as there’s no need to ask for their personal details to check who they are – you can get straight to asking them why they’ve got in touch today and help them with their enquiry.

This can also create a far more personal experience for the customer should you choose to greet them with their name following it popping up on your screen. 

Call Logging:

What happens when your phone rings but a member of staff can’t take the call? Assuming the caller doesn’t leave a voicemail, do you have any way of checking who phoned so that you can get back to them? If you don’t, this is where our Call Logging feature is incredibly beneficial. It allows you to see all missed calls and get back to the callers at the touch of a button so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

Call Recording:

Sounds like a very basic feature but is a great asset to any business. When training new staff on customer service delivered over the phone, listening back to excellent examples of communication is invaluable. 

Call recording is also extremely handy should you mishear someone the first time around. That or you didn’t get the chance to note down all of their details at the time of the call. This feature allows you to listen back to the call at any given time and gather this information without having to call the customer back to ask again. 

Call Transfer:

Allows seamless transition mid-call. Perfect if another member of your team is better equipped to answer a question or has an ongoing relationship with a customer. This saves a customer having to arrange a call-back or sit on hold whilst the other member of staff comes over to pick up the call manually.

Cordless Handsets:

At Yo Telecom we provide full coverage meaning your cordless handsets – should you choose to have them – work consistently throughout your entire Opticians. This is particularly beneficial should you need to look for a specific product in a back stockroom or on the shop floor whilst on the phone to a customer.

On-Hold Marketing:

Whilst putting people on hold isn’t ideal, sometimes it’s unavoidable. This time is prime marketing time. Your audience is a captive one, they’re waiting to be spoken to. Sitting in silence or listening to the phone’s beeps doesn’t scream excellent customer service. Don’t waste this time and opportunity. Use it to inform your customers of your opening hours, latest news or of any special discounts available at the time. Do you have a particular product or service that you’re trying to push, mention it on your On-Hold Marketing, tell people about it! 

Of all the phone systems available, a hybrid phone system is by far the best option for an Opticians. With its high reliability and whole host of useful features including call logging, call recording, and software integration it’s the best phone system to invest in for your business in 2020. 

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See how these features can benefit you, head to the form below to book a free call and find out how we can increase your success! 

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