What is the Best Phone System for Pharmacies?

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So, you’re looking for a new phone system for your pharmacy?

Maybe because you’re facing one (or more) of the following problems with your current set up:

  • You feel that frequent engaged tones may be leading to frustrated customers.
  • You would like a system that links to your pharmacy management software so you can greet customers by name and save your staff time.
  • You would like to monitor and improve the way your staff interact with your customers.
  • You feel you are not delivering the best service possible to your customers.

If so, Yo Telecom are here to help!

In this short article, we’ll outline the differences between the phone systems available to you and tell you which one is the best choice for your pharmacy.

What is the Best Phone System for Pharmacies?

There are 3 main types of phone system available:

  • Digital phone systems
  • Internet (VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol) or cloud-based phone systems
  • Hybrid phone systems (the best of both worlds)

I’ll briefly introduce the three and give you the lowdown on the pros and cons of each system.

Digital Phone Systems for Pharmacies

A digital phone system is a physical phone system that is located somewhere in your pharmacy.

It is a small box, which is usually mounted on a wall or placed in a cabinet. It connects to your phone lines and all the handsets you have in your building.

A benefit of a digital phone system is that it’s very reliable. This system ranks #2 out of the three systems in reliability.

However, a disadvantage of a digital phone system is that it is restricted to physical phone lines (digital or analog phone lines). This means it’s not that future-proof.

Internet (VOIP) Phone Systems for Pharmacies

An internet phone system, also known as a VOIP or cloud-based phone system, is a virtual phone system which will not be located in your pharmacy. Instead, it will be located in a data centre somewhere in the world.

A benefit of the VOIP system is that it can save you money on call charges.

However, VOIP phone systems aren’t that reliable. If your internet connection goes down, or is too slow at certain times of the day, you won’t be able to use your phones.

Hybrid Phone Systems for Pharmacies

The hybrid phone system is a mixture of a digital phone system and an internet (VOIP) phone system.

This system will be located in your pharmacy and offers flexibility with your choice of fixed or cordless handsets.

The main benefit of a hybrid phone system is that it offers you more reliability than any other type of system.

If one type of line fails for you, it can automatically route calls in and out through a backup line.

Hybrids don’t really have any disadvantages, they really are the best of both worlds!

The Hybrid Phone System is the Best Phone System for Pharmacies

As well as being the most reliable phone system you can buy, hybrid phone systems also offer a range of other useful features for pharmacies:

Pharmacy Management Software Integration

Our phone systems integrate perfectly with pharmacy management softwares, such as ATL and ProScript by EMIS.

Allowing you to WOW your customers by knowing their name and prescription details before you’ve even answered the phone!

You can even dial directly from your software too, impressive right?

Call Recording

Make calling your pharmacy a pleasant experience, always, by monitoring and improving the way your staff communicate with your customers.

If a caller has a bad experience on the phone with you, it can be damaging to your reputation and your customers may lose trust in you.

Our Call Recording feature will automatically record all of your calls, both inbound and outbound, and store them on a dedicated device.

You can then listen to them whenever you need to and as many times as you want to.

Call Logging

Never let an unanswered call turn into a missed opportunity, bad impression or upset customer again.

You may miss calls when you’re busy helping customers, checking stock or when you’re closed. With the Yo Telecom phone system, you can easily see your missed calls so you can call back straight away.

This means you can respond to your customer’s queries about their prescriptions quickly and efficiently.

Headset Connectivity

Improve the productivity of your team, with headset connectivity. By wearing a headset, your team can work ‘hands free’ meaning they can carry on with their tasks while they talk on the phone.

Business Continuity

This will allow you to communicate with your customers at all times!

If your internet fails and your phones cut out, this system allows back up lines to kick in so that your customers can still get through to you.

Statistic Wallboard

Keep an eye on important information about your calls with a statistics wallboard.

This will allow you to see how many calls have been taken, who has taken the most calls. How many calls were missed, the average length of the call, plus much more!

Call Transfer

With Call Transfer, you can transfer a call to any handset in your pharmacy – and even to mobile phones!

Say a customer phones in with an important question, but her query would be better dealt with by a more experienced pharmacist. With one touch of a button you can transfer that call to a pharmacist in the back office.

If you have pharmacists that travel between branches, you can even have a call transferred to their mobile.


I hope this has been easy to understand.

If you would like to know more about anything discussed in this article, please call us on 02382 146115.

Alternatively, you can talk to one of our expert consultants via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly!


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