What Is The Best Phone System For Restaurants?

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So, you’re looking for a new phone system for your restaurant… Perhaps you’re stuck with an outdated system, you’re overpaying for poor service or you’re just starting up a new business. Here at Yo Telecom, we’re here to help. We’ve supported many businesses in increasing their success using their telecoms. So, in this post we’re going to explain the different types of phone systems available, their pros and cons and outline which is the best…

What are the different types of phone systems?

Digital Phone Systems for Restaurants 

Digital phone systems are physically located on your premises. They’re the boxes that are found mounted on the wall or in a cabinet. They connect to your phone line(s) and all of the handsets you have in your building. They rely on digital or analogue lines which means they aren’t future-proof.

VoIP Phone Systems for Restaurants 

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. A VoIP system converts your voice into a digital signal and transmits it over the internet. It is hosted in the cloud rather than physically on your premises, which is why these systems are often referred to as Hosted Systems.

Hybrid Phone Systems for Restaurants 

As the name suggests, a hybrid system combines a digital and an internet phone system, and is located on your premises. Having both types of line allows you much greater reliability than just a digital or a VoIP system. This is because if one of your lines fails, the system seamlessly switches to the other, meaning you can still make and receive calls as normal. 

A hybrid system is by far the best phone system for restaurants in 2020. It combines the benefits of a Digital and VoIP system, and allows you to utilise a range of additional impressive features. So, for this reason, we recommend a hybrid phone system for restaurant owners. 

What are the benefits of a Yo Telecom Phone System?

Call Logging 

Our advanced Call Logging feature allows you to get back to any calls you might have missed whilst your staff were busy assisting diners. Should the caller leave a voicemail, missing a call usually isn’t too much of a big deal. However, if the caller just hangs up when they can’t get through, this can lead to missed revenue. Particularly if they were calling to book a table. Being able to check your call log when your staff have a minute or two allows you to provide an excellent service and potentially increase your bookings. 

On Hold Marketing 

Whilst a caller is on hold or waiting to speak to you, why not use this marketing window to promote your restaurant. Whether it be a list of your current specials, your opening hours or any promotions you are running, this time on the phone is invaluable for increasing your success. Our professional voice actors can record any message you’d like, just choose whose voice you’d like to represent your business and what you’d like them to say. Once recorded, our team adds the message to your phone system and you’re good to go. It’s important to note that these messages aren’t final. If you’d ever like to make any amendments to the message or rewrite the whole thing, simply send us an email and we’ll get this sorted for you. 

100% Cordless Coverage 

No longer worry about being out of range if you pop into a back room. With our Yo Telecom phone systems we offer 100% cordless coverage. This means you’ll be able to make and receive calls from anywhere in your restaurant. This is great for those busy times when your staff are busy working all over the premises and can’t be tied to a desk or the one room with good coverage.

Call Recording

Can’t quite remember what someone asked for when booking? You don’t need to call them back and risk seeming unprofessional. With Call Recording you can simply log in and listen to the call again. These calls are also invaluable for staff training. You can show new members of staff how best to handle different types of calls and also monitor and improve how your callers are being treated. 

Call Transfer 

Transfer calls from one colleague to another at the touch of a button. Whether the caller is a supplier asking to speak to the operations manager in an office or a customer looking to make a special request with the chef, help callers speak to the person they need to quicker. 


What is VoIP?

Want to learn more about what VoIP actually is? Read our blog post which goes into a bit more detail with how VoIP works and how other businesses can use it’s advanced features to improve their communication – Read Now.



So there we have it, a roundup of the best phone system for restaurants. A hybrid system offers by far the most features, all of which can be utilised by restaurants to improve their service. A reliable phone system has never been more valuable, particularly as many businesses are operating as takeaways only for the time being and are dependent on their phones. Interested in getting a Yo Telecom phone system set up in your restaurant? Simply fill out the form below!

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