5 Marketing Strategies To Implement For Your Business Today

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Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

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We totally get it, creating a marketing strategy from scratch can be very overwhelming, there’s lots to think about and consider. From creating branding guidelines to optimising your website for ranking, it’s often difficult to know where to start. 

In today’s post, we thought we’d run through five different marketing strategies you can implement to help point you in the right direction. Let’s get started, shall we?

5 Marketing Strategies To Implement For Your Small Business Today

01. Start A Blog


If you haven’t already got one, here’s why your company needs a blog. In short, a blog is a great way to generate leads or attract customers, appear nearer the top in search engines and start two-way conversations. In our opinion, the best blog posts are those that bring value to the reader, like this one we wrote on what to share on your company blog. Rather than just providing entertainment, teaching your readers something informative is an ideal way of increasing brand trust. 

02. Regularly Post On Social Media

So, you know that posting on social media is important in 2020, but, what should you post? 

Of course you can just shoot lots of photos and post them, but, if that’s not an option, stock photos are one avenue to go down. One place to find high quality stock images is Adobe Stock. Reposting your customers’ photos is also a great way to publish fresh content. As well as this, there are many free graphic design programs available online meaning creating infographics has never been easier. 

Now that content has been sorted, it’s time to decide where to post it. Rather than posting on all social media platforms at all times, think about which ones will really benefit you or your business and focus on those. You can cross-post from one to another, dramatically reducing your workload and increasing the reach of your posts. Just be careful not to bombard your followers with the same post 4 times!

03. Keep In Touch With Your Customers Via Email

Social media isn’t always the most efficient way to reach your customer base. Rather, curating a mailing list and sending regular email updates is often the better way of digitally getting in front of clients.

Unless you actively ask for newsletter sign ups, accumulating a list of email addresses can be a challenge. Here’s where WiFi Data Capture comes in. Use this to provide your guests with free WiFi whilst also simultaneously growing your email list for future marketing opportunities. You can then send weekly, monthly or seasonal emails to those who’ve signed up and let them know all of the events, offers or promotions you have on at the time.

04. Sign Up To Google My Business 

If you haven’t already set up Google My Business, now is definitely the time to do it. How can it benefit you? It helps you appear in local Google searches, allows you to publish your business hours and post updates as and when you want to. It’s free to set up and is really user friendly regardless of technical ability. 

It also allows you to reply to your Google reviews which is truly invaluable for the customer experience. So much so that one study found that 53.3 percent of customers expect businesses to respond to their online review within 7 days of them being posted.

05. Set Up On-Hold Marketing 

Callers waiting for you to pick up and those who are put on hold are a captive audience. With most phone systems you can set up a message to automatically play during these times. For example, this could be a run-through of your latest products, promotions or services. Once set up, this is fully automated needing little to no input from you at all, but it will play for all callers at all times. On-Hold Marketing is one of the features we provide for our customers here at Yo Telecom. 

And there we have it, 5 marketing strategies to implement for your small business today. If you’d like to know anymore about anything that has been included in this post, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either drop your details in the form below or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you!

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