Why On Hold Marketing Is Important For Vets (& Examples)

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On Hold Marketing is just one type of Professional Audio Branding, but, for many businesses, it’s the most important one. Being put on hold can be frustrating and this often isn’t helped if you’re stuck listening to beeping, or worse, silence. In fact, recent research found that 73% of consumers want to hear something other than beeps or silence while on hold. Besides creating a more entertaining caller experience, On Hold Marketing has a series of additional benefits for Veterinary Practices too. In this blog, we’re going to outline five key ones as well as include examples of some great on hold messages for vets…

Why On Hold Marketing Is Important For Vets: 

01. Promote Services & Extras

Callers on hold are a captive audience, they’re waiting to speak to your team. Use this time to promote specific treatments or extras that your practice can provide. For example, one of our customers, Kings Road Vets, doubled their Pet Care Plan sign ups using On Hold Marketing. This made them thousands in additional annual revenue and all because their clients had heard a message promoting the plan whilst on hold. No expensive marketing strategy was required, just a simple message that autoplayed on their phone system. 

“Interested in getting all the essential care your pet needs, for less? Our pet plan includes vaccinations, consultations, nail clipping, flea & worm treatments as well as discounts on bigger treatments such as neutering. To find out how much the plan could save you, ask one of our friendly receptionists today.” 

02. Prevent Callers Hanging Up 

These messages can often get overlooked when running a business, but studies have shown just how crucial they are in reducing caller hang ups. ​​A study carried out in America found: callers with music on hold will stay on the line thirty seconds longer than with silence and callers with information on hold will stay on the line for up to three minutes longer. If every caller could stay on hold for up to three minutes longer, how many extra enquiries could your veterinary practice receive? 

03. Answer FAQs and Save Time 

Often when clients have a common question, they’ll pick up the phone to find out the answer directly. Whilst this is great for a personal customer experience, it can take a lot of your receptionist’s time. If your On Hold Messaging answers common questions, callers can find out this information very quickly. Should callers often be asking about opening hours, COVID measures or for your emergency support contact, include all of these within your message. 

“If you would like to make an appointment, you can visit www.thevets.co.uk to book online. Our opening hours are 08:30 – 18:00, Monday to Friday. Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to current COVID restrictions, we’re asking all clients and their pets to wait in their cars until they’re called in by the receptionist. Masks are not compulsory but we ask all visitors to the practice to wear one where possible.”

04. Strengthen Your Brand Image

Picture this, a prospective client has just moved to the area. They’re calling a number of veterinary practices to find out more about plans, treatments and availability. The first practice they speak to doesn’t have any messaging. The second has a muffled message recorded on the phone itself. The third has professionally recorded messages spoken by voice actors. Which gives the best first impression? Which would you like to look after your beloved pet? Strengthen your brand’s image with a professional call experience, even whilst on hold. 

05. Automatically Update Clients

Should your practice change its opening hours, premises or email address, ensuring that your entire customer base is aware can be difficult. Emails often go unread and not everyone is on social media. By including any important updates within your On Hold Messaging, you can automatically keep your clients informed and up to date ahead of time.

A date to add to your diary… We will be moving to Unit 1, The Street, SO12 345, at the start of July. This is just a street away from our current premises. With a bigger building we can care for more pets in our community as well as provide a more extensive range of treatments. Free parking will be available at the new site, and we’ll add plenty of signage directing you should you forget nearer the time. This is a really exciting time and we can’t wait to see you all at our new site.”

We’d love to help you set up bespoke On Hold Marketing for your veterinary practice. Our team of expert script writers can help you create a powerful message for your business and our voice actors will record the message in the tone you’d like. All of our Yo Customers can use this simple online form to request updates to their messages at no extra cost. Simply let us know what you’d like changed, when you’d like to start playing the message and we’ll handle the rest. 

Here at Yo, we specialise in Veterinary Phone Systems. Find out how we can help you bridge the gap between you and your customers by entering your contact details in the form below…


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