What Is The Best Phone System For Hybrid Working?

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With the government encouraging people to gradually go back to the office over the coming weeks, it’s likely that hybrid working will rise in popularity. Whilst it has many benefits, it can cause logistical issues, particularly for businesses that aren’t utilising the latest technology. With employees working from various locations, as well as from the office, a flexible phone system is a necessity for smooth communication both internally (with team members) and externally (with customers). So, in this post, we’re going to outline the best phone system for hybrid working as well as its benefits for businesses…

What Is The Best Phone System For Hybrid Working?

The Yo Telecom phone system with its mobile app functionality is the best phone system for businesses who are hybrid working. It’s reliable and feature-rich, and enables any mobile phone to become an extension of the business telephone system. This allows the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, whilst keeping all of the functionality of your business telephone. Whether you’re using a deskphone in the office or a mobile phone from home, you’ll have the same range of features. Not only that, the mobile app allows you to handle business calls from anywhere, whilst still using your business phone number, keeping your mobile number private.

What Are The Benefits Of The Yo Phone System For Hybrid Working?

01. Track All Of Your Missed Calls

Should a call go unanswered, this doesn’t automatically make it a missed opportunity. With our Missed Call Tracking you can see all of your business phone’s missed calls in a list, regardless of whether they left a message or not, and call them back when you get the chance. 

02. All Phones Ring In Real-Time

Unlike other Remote Working Solutions, our technology ensures that all mobile and desk phones connected to the phone system ring in real-time. So, rather than calls just being forwarded to a mobile (causing a noticeable delay to the customer), the Yo system allows you to provide the same excellent service regardless of where your team is working from. 

03. Listen Back To All Business Calls

With people working from multiple different locations, it can be difficult to monitor your team’s call handling. Our Advanced Call Recording is a great tool to check that your team are all delivering the same great level of service. All calls on your business phone (including the mobile app) are automatically recorded and stored in the cloud to be listened back to at any time, from anywhere. 

04. Simple and Painless Call Transfer

Should another member of the team be better equipped to answer a caller’s question, quickly and easily transfer the call to them at the touch of a button. Regardless of whether they’re using a desk phone in the office or a mobile app at home, transferring a call is just as quick and simple. So much so, in fact, that the caller won’t even be able to tell who’s in the office and who’s not.

05. Promote Your Business Automatically On Calls

Play bespoke messages to your callers whilst they are on-hold or waiting to speak to a member of your team. Use this opportunity to promote your lesser-known services or update your callers on any business updates. Our in-house professional voice actors work with you to write On-Hold Marketing that ticks all of your boxes.

Keep all of your business phone system’s functionality regardless of where your team is working with the Yo Telcom business phone system. Interested in getting a Yo hybrid working system set up for your business? Just drop your details in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch!

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