5 Ways Phone Systems For Pharmacies Increase Success

phone system for pharmacies
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Running a pharmacy is a busy job. Managing staff, making sure you have the correct stock and keeping track of prescriptions, all while trying to give the best possible care to your customers – it’s a lot. One thing that can often be overlooked when running a pharmacy is communication. Whether it’s communicating with your customers, taking calls from suppliers or talking internally with your team, a reliable phone system is a necessity for pharmacies. Not only do they make taking and receiving calls a breeze, but modern business telephone systems do more than just handle calls…

5 Ways Phone Systems For Pharmacies Increase Success

1. Save Staff & Clients’ Time With Pharmacy Management Software Integration

The Yo Telecom phone system integrates with pharmacy management software, such as ProScript by EMIS. This means when a client calls in, their file will open on your computer in front of you. Not only does this mean you can greet your callers with their name, adding a personal touch and showing great customer service. But it will also help to decrease the amount of time your calls take, as your team will not have to get spellings of names or load up documents. As well as this, you can also dial-out directly from your software, just click on a phone number on your PC to dial it from your medical phone system.

2. Improve the Communication Skills of your Team

When a client calls your pharmacy, it’s crucial that your team delivers an excellent caller experience. If your team’s communication is less than helpful, it’s likely that this will lead to a somewhat negative impression of your business. This is where Call Recording becomes extremely valuable. It enables you to review any interactions your staff have had with your clients and use these recordings as part of your staff training. You can replay examples of excellent calls to show how it’s done, and not so excellent examples to show what should be avoided. This ultimately leads to a better client experience.

3. Say Goodbye to the Dreaded Engaged Tone

If you still have a traditional analogue phone system at your pharmacy, you will only be able to make or receive one call at a time. So, if you are already on the line and a client calls you with an important question about their prescription, they will just be greeted with an engaged tone. With the Yo Telecom Call Queuing feature, you can place your callers in a queue while they wait for their call to be answered. During this time, your phone system can play professionally recorded messages (such as opening times or flu jab reminders) while they wait as well as on-hold music to keep them occupied. This helps to keep callers on the line, rather than them hanging up and feeling frustrated.

4. Keep Track of your Call Statistics

Pharmacies are busy places and keeping up with all of your call statistics can be a challenge. With a Statistics Wallboard, you can see important information about your calls all in one place. For example, you can see how long it takes your team to answer, how many calls your pharmacy receives, how many calls each person has taken as well as average call time. Knowing this information can help you set targets for your team and identify areas for improvement.

5. Quickly and Easily Transfer your Calls

You may have team members all over your pharmacy – or even based at other sites. If a caller needs to speak with a specific member of your team, don’t waste time running around your pharmacy looking for them. With Call Transfer, you can quickly and easily transfer a call to any other handset in your pharmacy and even connect your phones to other branches. As well as this, if you have pharmacists that travel between your branches and are hard to catch on the phone – you can use this feature to transfer a call from your main office to their mobile phone. This helps to ensure that your customers speak to the right person with ease, making communicating with your team a breeze.

Investing in great communications leads to happier clients and ultimately more business. A modern business telephone system is more than just a device for making and receiving calls. Switch to a Yo Telecom phone system for your pharmacy today and watch as it increases your business’ success. Just drop your details in the form below to get started…

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