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If you run a Hair or Beauty Salon, and answer YES to any of the following 3 questions, then I’ve got something I want to give you that I think you’re going to absolutely love!

The questions are:

  1. Have you got staff problems?
  2. Could it be because you’re too busy looking after clients to manage your staff and business properly?
  3. If it is, do you find yourself getting stressed out by a constant stream of problems?

Please be honest with yourself when answering because experience has taught me that after a drink or two far more salon owners than you might imagine would answer yes to at least one if not all three of them! I’m asking because my name is Steve Hilliard and I have owned salons for 21 years!

On my journey I’ve learnt a lot about what it takes to eradicate problems like these and I’ve just written a book called “Do Something Different in Your Salon today” that takes everything I’ve learned and explains simply and easily how you can become a salon owner that doesn’t have them too!

Here’s Ryan O’Carroll’s review of the book:

“WOW – I’m so impressed. I’ve met over 2,000 salon owners and Steve Hilliard truly stands out from the crowd, and this book is a testament to that! This book is jam-packed with solid advice that you don’t get taught you when you learn to be a hairdresser, but it is vital to know if you want to achieve success in your salon. This book has everything from advice on how to improve your confidence as a leader, to practical assessments on staff, to great financial advice that could save you from common financial mistakes. I really hope a lot of salons get onboard with the Steve Hilliard movement, the world will be a better place!” – Ryan O’Carroll, Co-Founder of Yo Telecom

As you can see he was impressed and he asked me if there was a way that his blog readers could get hold of a copy of “Do Something Different in Your Salon today” for FREE once its published in a few weeks’ time and the good news is … there is, and you can find out how at the end of this blog post.

Before we get to that though, I want you to understand that I’ve spent a lot of time and money investing in my Salon Owning education, which means my success as a salon owner hasn’t been a fluke or accident. It’s also led me to become a successful Salon Coach and as a coach I’m a man on a mission because I can see our industry sleepwalking to disaster.

Why? It’s down to the widespread adoption of VAT avoidance strategies by salon owners and also decades of misguided government education policies. These two apparently separate issues have led to a collapse in the career development ladder for hairdressers which means there’s now a chronic shortage of well trained and positively motivated staff available … and the problem is going to get worse and means only those salon owners who are brave enough to ‘Do Something Different’ are going to thrive … the rest will struggle to survive.

This means as salon owners we have to dare to change our vision, dare to stand out and be different from the crowd and dare to understand we’re no longer hairdressers, we’re running a business that does hairdressing and the difference is HUGE!

For example, so many salon owners I speak to simply don’t know what their wages costs or professional stock costs are relative to their turnover. They don’t know, and then they wonder why they aren’t making any money!

So many salon owners I speak to simply don’t know how to motivate staff either and in the current climate it’s an essential skill as well.

‘Doing something different in your salon today’ is the key to expanding your knowledge and developing the essential skills you need to thrive in the modern climate.

Let me show you how to “Do Something Different in Your Salon Today” and we can start with the book.

To buy your copy of ‘Do Something Different in Your Salon Today’ click the link below;

I Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Steve Hilliard

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