What is THE Best Phone System for Opticians in 2022?

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Great question! Following our slow return to normality, after a few years of restrictions & lockdowns, we’ll be taking an updated, 20/20 look into modern telephony. Phone systems specifically designed to keep the customer experience high whilst also creating an efficient and streamlined working day at the practice.

As the country got back on its feet, opticians found themselves overrun with requests from patients with overdue eye tests, new glasses requests and essential eye care. So, how can an optician completely maximise every opportunity, gain traction with the backlog of existing patients and still attract new patients to the practice? Well, this is where a function-rich telephone system can really help offer staff the greatest means of efficiency – whilst still prioritising customer service. 

This is where YoTelecom come in… 

We specialise in Increasing The Success Of Your Business! and in this blog we’ll outline the best telephone systems for Opticians and talk about all the features available from a Yo Telecom phone system.

Different Types Of Phone Systems:

Other than your traditional telephone system, there are two main types of alternative systems, which are: 

  • VoIP Phone Systems (internet based phone systems)
  • Hybrid Phone Systems

Both offer a different set of advantages, so let’s take a further look at each:

– VoIP Phone System for Opticians

These are internet-based phone systems – which can also be known as cloud-based phone systems. These do not have a physical system in your building. a VoIP system is located in a data centre somewhere else in the world, and so operates from software installed on your computer. One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP system is that it can save you money on call charges, as it’s running from an internet connection, as opposed to regular telephone lines. However, a big disadvantage of a VoIP based system is that they aren’t as reliable as the other. If your internet connection cuts out or slows down at peak times, the usability of your phone decreases. So, for this type of system, a robust internet connection is essential – without this, a reliable connection just isn’t guaranteed. 

– Hybrid Phone System for Opticians

The hybrid phone system is exactly what is sounds. It’s a mixtures of both a traditional and VoIP phone system. The hybrid system is physically located within your premises and offers full flexibility. As well as offering a choice of fixed and/or cordless handsets. However, the greatest benefit of a hybrid phone system is that it offers you more reliability than any other type of system. This is because it’s connected to traditional phone lines, as well as the internet, and so is the least likely to let you down. For example, if one type of line fails you (i.e. the internet line or the Analogue line), it can automatically route calls through to the other. Truly the best of both worlds.

Telephone Features for Opticians

In addition to its reliability, hybrid phone systems also come with a variety of features. These cutting-edge features offer such efficiency that they are mutually beneficial to both the optician and their patients. Here are just a few of the top features that could greatly increase the success of any business. 

Optician Management Software Linking: 

By linking your telephone system to your CRM, you can connect customer appointments and records to their phone numbers. This means when your patients call in, a pop-up will display on your computer screen with their record and details. You can then create a personalised experience and greet them by their first name and be ready with their patient history. Not only is it an excellent customer experience but saves you precious time on each and every call.

On-Hold Marketing: 

Nobody likes getting put on-hold (or putting somebody on-hold) – but it happens. And now you can reduce the amount of hang-ups and negative experiences by not leaving your customers in silence. Offer calming music along with regular reminders that assistance is on its way with on-hold marketing. However, this is called marketing for a reason. You can also pepper-in information about your business, such as: new products, offers and promotions, opening times, or anything you want your customers to know about. This is a captive audience and there’s no better time to convey important information about your business.

Call Logging:

Are you missing calls but never know who it was calling or what they wanted? 85% of people that experience an unanswered call won’t try again and are likely to try another option (your competitor) as soon as the ringing stops. While we all make every effort to answer each call, on odd occasions we don’t quite make it… Our call logging feature allows you to see all missed calls and get back to the callers at the click of a button – allowing you to never miss an opportunity again.

Call Recording:

Sounds simple enough right? It may be, but call recording is a huge asset for any business. This can be extremely helpful should you mishear any vital information the first time around. With every call saved to the cloud, you can retrieve it and re-listen back to the conversation at any given time. It’s also a great teaching tool, allowing you to demonstrate how-to and how-not-to calls when training new staff. Another great feature that, if fully utilised,  boosts your customers’ experience. 

Cordless Handsets:

Cordless handsets are particularly beneficial should you need to be on the go while on the phone, looking for a specific product in a back stockroom or on the shop floor whilst on the phone to a customer. At Yo Telecom we provide full coverage. Meaning your cordless handsets – should you choose to have them – work consistently throughout your entire premises without any interruption. 


If the phone system in your opticians is a little outdated and you’re curious to see how these features work, you can watch our series of mini-videos outlining our phone systems’ many capabilities. Further to this you can fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our specialists today to find out exactly what a Yo telephone system can do for you. 

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