What To Share On Your Company Blog

what to share on company blog
Max Tomaszewski

Max Tomaszewski

Marketing Coordinator

So, you’ve set up a blog having read our post outlining Why Your Company Needs A Blog. Now it’s time to get creating content. But, where to begin?

Producing new and interesting ideas for blog posts can often feel like a bit of a challenge. So, in creating this guide, we’re hoping to take that extra work out. Below are 7 different ideas of things to share on your company blog, no matter your industry… 

What To Share On Your Company Blog 

01. Industry Insights

Have you attended an exclusive event or heard about a new product that is soon to launch? If written about in detail using your expertise, these posts can become a key pillar for new information on the internet. 

For example, our post on the BT Switch Off is one of our most popular posts to date. Whilst these insights might not be directly linked to services that your brand or business can directly offer your clients at that time, showing authority in your sector is a strategic way of building brand trust and ranking in search engines.

02. Brand News

Following the launch of your new product, a blog post written in depth can be a great way to create a buzz. Writing about such in a blog post allows readers to delve deeper into your news. It also allows them to read more than a standard social media post allows for. 

Brand news doesn’t need to just be product launches, brand news can also include more personal things that your business has been up to. Here on our blog, we wrote a post on our trip to Wales in 2019 to Take on the Three Peaks.

03. Business Tips

Every company wants to do better. Sharing your tips and advice for growing a business, generating leads or making sales is very valuable information. Writing an article all about the tips you use and things you’ve learnt along the way is an insightful read for anyone who visits your blog. Here at Yo, we’ve previously written posts on How to Build A Strong Team and 5 Ways to Build Stronger Client Relationships.

04. Frequently Asked Questions

Compile a list of all of your most frequently asked questions and share them on your company blog. Not only is this a great place to direct people when they have a question, it’s an easy way for your readers to get to know more about your business.

05. Roundups of Articles

If writing isn’t your strong point, creating regular roundups of other relevant content is a simple way of updating your blog. These could be weekly or monthly. Simply round up lots of other posts that your readers might be interested in. 

06. Your Business’ Story

People love to read a story, tell yours. How did you start your business? Why did you decide to set up your restaurant/dentist/hair salon? What challenges and objections have you overcome along the way? What has been the highlight so far?

07. Meet The Team

Show the faces behind your company, introduce yourself and your team. A blog is a far more casual type of content than a standard ‘About Us‘ page. This post could include funny anecdotes or facts from each of your staff members. Getting to know the team behind an organisation, particularly those with few employees, really helps customers understand your company on a more personal level. 

So, there we have it, 7 different content ideas for when you’re not sure what to share on your company blog. From your business’ story to latest industry news, there’s plenty to write about. One of our favourite posts we’ve written to date is How To: Get More Google Reviews

Here at Yo Telecom, our entire purpose is to help businesses succeed and we hope this guide is going to help you do just that. If you’d like to hear more about any of the products or services we offer, drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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