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The expansion of your business depends largely on your ability to WOW your clients, which then leads to them expanding your business for you through referrals.

Our good friends over at Zappos are amazing at WOWing their clients! We’ve learnt a lot from them and their CEO Tony Hsieh’s phenomenal book – DELIVERING HAPPINESS.

To WOW your clients you have to exceed their expectations. And I’m going to give you a few ways that successful companies do it.

I’ll start off with an example I’ve heard about Zappos. Often times to WOW their customers they upgrade their customers shipping and surprise them with next day delivery. How amazing is that, you order a pair of shoes on a standard shipping package (probably 3-4 days) and wake up the next morning with your new shoes on your doorstep! You better believe the good news from that happy and surprised customer is going to spread like wildfire!

Second example is my barbers. Cut & Grind in Soho, London. These guys are great at exceeding expectations. When you walk in you’re asked “What are you drinking?” And in my experience, they give you whatever you want, whether they have it or not. Example, I replied, “I’ll have a coke please.” They didn’t have any, so Jay (my barber and the man) reached in his pocket, gave a few pound to one of their staff and said “please go and buy Ryan a coke.” He didn’t have to do that but did and it’s something that sticks in my mind as great service. I’ve recommended nearly everyone I know to go to this barber shop. Now my brother and even his friends too are loyal clients. Oh, did I mention, Cut & Grind is around 70 miles from where we all live? Haha, what a well run business.

I’m sure that you’ve also had countless experiences like these. And you’ll remember me them for a long time. Use these in your business. You, your team, and your customers will be happier! Plus you’ll enjoy way more success!

We’ve recently stepped it up and invest heavily in WOWing our customers. The feedback has been great! Check out the amazing Yo Telecom Reviews.

Much Love

Ryan O’Carroll
Co-Founder of Yo Telecom

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