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Earlier this year Yo Telecom took on a huge new project with The Ralph, a start-up veterinary referral clinic based in Marlow. As a start-up company, The Ralph needed a whole communications set-up in order for them to run their clinic effectively and efficiently. They chose Yo Telecom to take on this challenge. We had a chat with Iqbal Dhanji, Co-Founder and Finance Director of The Ralph, to find out about his experience with Yo Telecom.  

Tell us a bit About your Company and What it Does

Our company is a multi-disciplinary specialist veterinary hospital for small animals.

What Phone/Internet System were you Using Before Yo Telecom?

The Raph is a start-up, we had no internet or telecoms beforehand. It was a new building that we converted to a veterinary referral hospital and as we didn’t have a telephone system or an internet system we needed to find a supplier who would provide us what we needed for this start-up.

What was it that Made you Choose Yo Telecom?

We chose Yo Telecom from a list of three candidates, three companies that had pitched to us. 

One dropped out because they were just not up to scratch. We were down to two, Yo Telecom and one other. They were very close to each other but what stood out for us was that Yo Telecom showed how keen they were and how adaptable they would be to helping ensure that we could set up correctly. 

Being quite an ambitious start-up, taking on 65 employees at the start in a 25,000 square foot building we needed to make sure we got the right supplier who could help us make sure we set-up correctly and Yo Telecom showed to us that they could help us and adapt to our needs and they did just that.

What Equipment/Services did you Purchase?

The equipment and services that we needed was for Yo Telecom to provide us with a complete solution. As this was a new premises that was being converted we needed everything right from the basics. 

We needed a leased line, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a whole telephone system, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a complete network solution for all of our computers, for all of our staff, Yo Telecom provided that solution for us. 

They did all of our data cabling for us, they set up all of our cloud services for us, they did everything that we needed for our IT and telecoms to run a hospital that was completely cloud-based and at the cutting edge of technology for this industry. 

Since Getting this Equipment/Service, how Much has the day-to-day Running of your Business Improved?

With the equipment and services that Yo Telecom have provided us, it has provided us exactly what we needed as a start-up to make sure that the whole system worked seamlessly and worked correctly. Whenever we had any teething issues or snags, they were at hand to resolve it straight away for us. 

Our business has had no hiccups in the IT and telecoms so we’ve had no issues along the way to worry about. This was a major concern for us at the outset and Yo Telecom delivered it to us. We’re moving forward exactly the way we want, with the services we need. 

How do the Equipment/Services Implemented, Work Specifically for your Industry Sector?

The way the system has worked for us, I’ll split it into two – internally and externally. 

Internally within the hospital we’re able to communicate with each other seamlessly. On the telephone side, calls are received and if the office is busy it automatically transfers to our receptionist. If they’re busy it automatically transfers to the admin side. Calls are able to be transferred to one department to another and back again and across seamlessly. 

On the IT side, we’ve had all of our software running seamlessly and we’re using several pieces of software to communicate internally and to communicate externally with our referring practices. No other hospital in this country has the communications systems that we do with our referring practices. This was a risk for us, it hasn’t been tried before but we were going to try it because we were setting up from scratch.

The feedback we’ve had from our referring practices has been instrumental in us being able to become a success because they’re able to communicate with our specialists (and vice versa) without having to wait for each other because they are able to log on to our systems and pick up the information and know what’s happening to the patients without having to call somebody and speak to them. 

How did you Find the Process of Switching Over?

The whole process in identifying and working with an IT and telecoms provider goes back to using Yo Telecom in a related business, in healthcare, that I have where Yo Telecom approached us and helped us transform our telephone systems. I used that as a test to see how Yo Telecom would perform, to see whether they would be good enough for this business. 

They were absolutely amazing over there and they have proved themselves in this business as well. From the time and communications, I have had with Nathan Hanslip, who is the Co-Founder of the business, to the other people who have helped put it all together. Nothing was too much trouble for them in helping make sure that we could set up correctly.

Would you Recommend Yo Telecom to Other Businesses Within your Sector? If so, why?

I won’t have any qualms about recommending Yo Telecom to other people in the industry. In fact, I have already recommended them to other businesses in other healthcare-related sectors to consider them in upgrading their telecoms using Yo Telecom. 

So the advice I would provide to other businesses in the industry would be to specify at the outset exactly what they want to achieve. We did that at the outset and we found Yo Telecom and they not only met our expectations they actually exceeded our expectations.

How would you rate Yo Telecom out of 10? And why that score?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would rate Yo Telecom 10/10 in terms of the delivery and the service that they have provided.

You can find more customer testimonials and hear how we’ve helped our other clients over on our YoTelecom YouTube Channel.

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